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March 2000

Friday, March 31
Madison Capital Times: A Disaster For Colombia
Michael Moore: A Letter of Apology to Elian Gonzales
Going Backwards Article of the Month: From The Mobile (AL) Register: Callahan Wins $1.7 Billion For Colombia
EJ Dionne Jr.: Michael Harrington's "America Can" Reflects An Optimism About America's Social Possibilities That Needs To Be Rekindled
St Petersburg Times: Tragedy Nears Disgrace: Al Gore's Pandering To Anti-Castro Cuban-Americans
Los Angeles Times: Poor Elian. Shame on Gore
New York Times: Juan González and His Son
Farai Chideya: US Shows Lack Of Moral Leadership On Nuclear Arms
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Who Is Putin?
Heather Lende: The Thing Left Unsaid

Thursday, March 30
Sheryl McCarthy: Now Clinton's An Accomplice In Elián's Kidnaping
Norman Solomon: Elián: Mickey Mouse Network Participates In Abuse
Danny Schecter: Why The Latest News About Online News Ain't So Good
Donella Meadows: Begging, Whining, and Getting Sensible About Oil
Miguel Altieri: Biotech Will Not Feed the World
Jaime Pinkham: People Must Listen To What The Land Has To Say
Garry Wills: Women Have Reason to Be Leery of Bush

Wednesday, March 29
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Record? Look At Texas
Molly Ivins:
How Do You Spell Vietnam? 'Colombia'
Marie Cocco:
NRA's Big Lies Can't Change The Facts
James Gray:
The Drug Czar Has Time For A Speech, But No Time For Crucial Questions About The Nation's Failed War On Drugs
Gabriel Garcia Marquez:
Elián: Shipwrecked On Dry Land
Dennis Hans:
You say Pastrana, I say Duarte
David Corn:
Arianna Huffington: Throwing Parties, Overthrowing Government

Tuesday, March 28
Is The Market A Ponzi Scheme?
James Carroll:
Bill Clinton's Next Life?
Julia Sudbury:
Building Women's Movement Beyond `Imperial Feminism'
Earl Ofari Hutchinson:
H. Rap Brown: Idealism To Nihilistic Violence
Sean Gonsalves:
Non-Violent Action: The Other Side Of Politics

Monday, March 27
Taking Action: SmashRegis.Com: 'Millionaire' Backlash Hits Internet
Dave Zweifel: School Choice Mentality Can Sell Kids Short
William Raspberry: How Goes The "War On Drugs"? In Two Words, Not Well
Ralph Nader: Stadium Subsidies Scalp The Public
Christian Science Monitor: Causes Without Borders: Who's In Charge When So Many Issues Are Global?
Milton Mills: Got Milk? For Many People, There Are Reasons To Get Rid Of It
Garrett Epps: Dear OPEC Leaders: Please Don't Boost Oil Production

Sunday, March 26
Michelle Ciarrocca: Clinton World's Top Gunrunner
Donald Wilkerson: Denver Broncos Rally for GW Bush; Team's Apology Reeks Of Big-League Corporate Spin
David Morris: Use Construction Bonds To Fight Global Warming
Kathi Austin: Jesse Helms & The NRA Take Their Version Of The Second Amendment Global

Saturday, March 25
Arianna Huffington: A New Movement For Economic Justice?
Robert Fisk: Clinton Visit Gives Pakistan's Military Strongman A Boost
Ryan Pulkrabek: It's A Wage Shortage, Not A Labor Shortage

Friday, March 24
Ben Geman: Food Fight: The Growing Grassroots Movement Against Genetic Engineering Hits Boston
Tom Hayden: LAPD: Law And Disorder
Going Backwards: Planning To Protest The GOP Convention In Philly This Summer? Pick A Number

Thursday, March 23
Seth Ackerman: New York Times On Iraq Sanctions: A Case Of Journalistic Malpractice
Marc Cooper:
After Seattle: Free-Trade Protests Coming Soon To A City Near You
Norman Solomon: The Power And Limits Of Photojournalism
Geneva Overholser: More A-Bombs? As US Leaders Have Turned Hawkish, The Public Has Turned Complacent
Jeremy Rifkin: Customers, Not Products, Are the Chief Commodity of the New Economy
Alexander Cockburn: The Military & CNN
John Stretch: Homelessness Amid Plenty In The Richest Country In The World...
Deb Alper: So You Think Transit Is Expensive, And Roads Aren't?...

Wednesday, March 22
Duncan Campbell: Arianna Huffington's Anarchy For The USA
Mike Downey: Dr. Screwy Loosinger: Hypocrisy Is Just Another Word for Hollywood Profit
Deborah Locke: Sweat's Clean Sweep
L.A. Kaufman: The New Unrest
Karen Grigsby Bates: "That's About The Only Way A Brother's Gonna Get An Oscar In Hollywood"
John Pilger: Iraq: Yet Again, They Are Lying To Us

Tuesday, March 21
John Nichols: Activist Allard Lowenstein Changed Many Lives...
Sean Gonsalves: The Myth of White Supremacy
Cesar Chelala: The Worldwide Tragedy of Child Soldiers
Shana Penn: A New Era Of Feminism
James Hecht: The Military Budget Is Driven By The Desire Of Members Of Congress To Get Re-Elected
Mokhiber/Weissman: IMF On The Ropes

Monday, March 20
Ralph Nader: Art Attack: Gene Stilp Uses Props And A Wicked Sense Of Humor To Focus Media Attention On Public Policy Issues
Farai Chideya: The Thin White Line: Will White Americans Stand Against Police Brutality?
G. Simon Harak: The Siege Of Iraq
Washington Post: Clinton & Blair On The Human Genome Project: An Opportunity Missed

Sunday, March 19
William Leogrande/Ken Sharpe: Colombia: Is U.S. Re-Creating El Salvador?
Akhil Reed Amar: 'Think Globally, Act Locally': A State's Right, a Government's Wrong
Robert Kuttner: We Should Blame Higher Oil Prices On Ourselves, Not Gore
Philadelphia Inquirer: 'Public Work, Private Gain': 5-Part Look At Legislators Profiting From Doing The Public's Business
Barbara Isenberg:
Studs Terkel: Hearing the Voices of America Through the Ears of an Agitator
Victoria Brittain/Larry Elliott: To Educate Girls Is To Reduce Poverty
Molly Ivins: Maybe It's Time To Sell That SUV

Saturday, March 18
Dave Zwiefel:Look What Germany Is Investing In It's Already First-Class Rail System
Robin Yaesha Deane: White America Doesn't Know Us
Jim Hoagland: Clinton's War In Colombia A Big Mistake
Arianna Huffington: Gore's Passion For Reform Suspicious
St Louis Post Dispatch: Minimum Wage: GOP Holding The Poor Hostage

Friday, March 17
Donella Meadows: Moments Of Shocked Silence About Biotech
Susan Estrich:
With Giant Media Mergers, Control Of Expression In Dwindling Number Of Hands
Frankenfoods: California At Center Of Growing Battle Over Biotech Farming
Sally Deneen: April 22, 2000: Biggest Earth Day Ever Demands "Clean Energy Now!"
Marc Cooper:
Hollywood's Runaway Shops
Derrick Jackson: NRA Outrages & 7 Years Of Hapless Responses From President Clinton
Norman Solomon: The Media's Lethal Injection Of Numbing

Thursday, March 16
Matthew Rothschild: No Aid for Israel While It Bombs Lebanon
John Nichols:
A-16: Street-Level Democracy Will Find Expression In Washington
Robert McChesney: On Private Power, Public Broadcasting & How Corporate Media Subvert Democracy
Going Backwards: Privatized 'Prison-For-Profit' Attacked For Abusing Teenage Inmates
Stephen Buckley: Why Does Child Labor Continue To Thrive In The Developing World?
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Oil And Alaska: Energy Problems Can't Be Drilled Away

Wednesday, March 15
Dave Zweifel: Pulitzer Entries Prove Press Is Still Great
Charlie James: It Takes A Wealth Of Tastes To Make A Truly Great Stew
Holger Jensen: How Do You Stop A War That Profits Not Only Generals On Both Sides But Also...
Norman Solomon: Tribune Swallows Times: Bad Day for Journalism?
Taking Action: Anti World Bank, IMF Activists Say Thousands Will Rally in DC Next Month

Tuesday, March 14
Noam Chomsky: Another Way For Kosovo?
Sean Gonsalves: Bush, Gore and Judge Judy
Andrew Reding: Colombia War On Drugs A Sham
Taking Action:
A Boot Camp For Rebellion: These Spring Breakers Aren't Working On Their Tans
William Pfaff:
Super Tuesday Proved US Has Become A Plutocracy, Governed By Corporate Wealth
Jean-Michel Cousteau: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Oceans And Estuaries Global Waste Dumps
Mary Massar: To Assist Mozambique, Send Aid And Cancel Debt
Tom Blanton: One Can Only Ask The CIA: What Qualifies As Undistinguished?
Peter Pinchot: Clock Is Ticking For America's Forests

Monday, March 13
Ralph Nader: CA Gov Gray Davis Shows That He Thinks The Other Branches Of Government Are Irrelevant
Mokhiber/Weissman: Is There A Prosecutor With The Guts To Take On The Oil And Auto Companies?
Robert Reich: 'Issue Ads': The Democrats May Be Hoist on Clinton's Own Petard
Salim Muwakkil: Cops Doing The Dirty Work Of American Tradition
Molly Ivins: Simplistic Solutions Don't Work
Jeff Gillenkirk: Death Penalty: The Speech California's Governor Davis Should Make
Stephen Silha: Robert Theobald: The Ultimate Model Of Citizenship

Sunday, March 12
Ismail Turay Jr.: Walking In The Footsteps Of Civil Rights
Kirvil Skinnarland/Amy Solomon: Our Future Is A Matter Of Choice
Kevin Phillips: On Why McCain Should Leave The GOP And Mount Reform Campaign
Donald Kaul: Where's The Justice?
Juleyka Lantigua: Globally, Women's Condition Not Sugar, Spice
Robert Kuttner: Clinton's Risky China Gamble
Taking Action: Maine Doctor Leads National Campaign Against Anthrax Vaccinations

Saturday, March 11
Mark Weisbrot: The IMF Under Attack
St Louis Post-Dispatch: Pay A Living Wage
Marc Landry: How The Primary System Contorts The Candidates
Norman Solomon: Self-Censorship Is Shadowing The New Media Era

Friday, March 10
Dennis Hans: Stop Drugs: Kill Addicts! A Modest Proposal To Help Win The War On Drugs
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith:
WTO No Help To Chinese Workers
Leaked Memo: Lobbyists Warn Corporate America Of Growing Power Of Citizen's Movement
Madison Capital Times: Bradley Exits On Message
William Greider: Alan Greenspan Intends To Take The Glow Off Gore's Best Feel-Good Issue--The Stock Market
Andy Epstein/Loretta Williams: Debt Relief For Mozambique
Eric Alterman: Ronald Reagan Was Many Things, But Most Undeniably He Was A Pathological Liar

Thursday, March 9
New York Times: I.M.F. and World Bank Blueprint
Joel Bleifuss:
Cancer Calling: Cellular Phones Are Convenient, But At What Price?
Mokhiber/Weissman: Government Develops An Ecological Car, Then Gives The Results Away To Industry
Terry Allen: Chemical Cops: Tear Gas And Pepper Spray Can Be Deadly
Sheryl McCarthy: Sweet Love Springs Eternal at Bob Jones U
Scott Ritter: Going Nowhere On Iraq

Wednesday, March 8
Howard Zinn: Campaign 2000: The Silence Of The Candidates Is What I Want To Talk About
Gay Alcorn:
Frenzy Of Testosterone: Only Real Men Run For President
Claude Martin:
As The World's Water Crisis Deepens, We Need To Confront The Cause
Joan Anderson Growe:
International Women's Day: Progress Agonizingly Slow For Women In Politics
Mary Hawkesworth:
International Women's Day: Democracy Begins At Home
Dessina Williams:
International Women's Day: Bringing More Women Into Leadership

Tuesday, March 7
Sean Gonsalves: Scott Ritter On Iraq
Robert Scheer:
What Does It Say About Us That We've Imprisoned So Many Of Our Minorities?
Leonard Inskip: Restorative Justice Summit Shows Why Concept Is On Rise
William Pfaff: Clinton's Colombian Policy: Classic US Response Which Has Invariably Failed
James Carroll: Pittsburgh's Joe Healy: A Man Of Hope Gunned Down
Muhammad Sahimi: Cheap Oil Is Bad For The World

Monday, March 6
Ralph Nader: Granny D's Road To Reform
Molly Ivins: 'Republicans For Clean Air': Pollution Fighters? Not Exactly
Richard Rorty: Our Increasing Willingness To Let The Rich Take More And More From The Poor
Ellen Barry: Planning For Utopia In Vermont
Yomi Wronge: Black & Unarmed: My Cousin Malcolm's Death Deepens Distrust Of Cops

Sunday, March 5
Josh Sugarmann: Forget 'Smart' Guns, Ban Handguns
Orlando Patterson: Criminal 'Justice' System: Our Punitive Approach Is A Disaster
Ellen Goodman: Swept Away In A Gold Rush To Cash In On Our Genes
DeWayne Wickham: The Cuban Embargo Is The Berlin Wall Of The Post-Cold War Period

Saturday, March 4
Joseph Cirincione: Nuclear Chain Reaction
Andres Oppenheimer: US Is In No Position To 'Certify' Other Nation's In the 'War On Drugs'
Los Angeles Times: Gene Discoveries Must Be Shared For The Sake Of Society
Anthony Lewis: When Money Is the Measure of All Things

Friday, March 3
William Greider: AFL-CIO Goes Global: Seattle Changed American Labor
Glenda Holste: Before We Invade Norway, Consider How Our Consumption Effects Gas Price
Gwen Wurm: US's Shameful Distinction Of Being No. 1 In Child Homicides In The Industrialized World
Katha Pollitt: It's Time To Hire A Hearse And Lie Down In It

Thursday, March 2
Katherine Vander Horck: Humanitarian Intervention, Not War, The Way To Solve World Problems
Theodore Postol: Target Is Russia: Clinton Administration Put Us On The Path To A New Arms Race
Norman Solomon: Reporting on Bloodshed, TV Journalists Play Dumb
Richard Cohen: They Love The Guns They Know More Than The Kid They Don't
Kathleen Krog: Bush & McCain: Stop Pandering To The Worst In Us
Katie Hong: John McCain's Racist Remark Very Troubling
Acel Moore: What Do You Do When Violence Attends First Grade?
Ellen Goodman: California's Prop 22: A Gratuitous Slap At Gays

Wednesday, March 1
Michael Moore: Flint, Again: The Guns Have To Go
Matthew Miller: Going Backwards: The Bipartisan Craze To Eliminate The National Debt
Derrick Jackson: BlamBlamBlamBlamBlamBlam! Not Guilty! Injustice, American Style



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