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April 2000

Sunday, April 30
Michael Moore:
April 30 Should Be a National Holiday
Neil Sheehan:
Vietnam's Silver Lining: Why The US Was Fortunate To Lose The War
Peter Kornbluh:
Clinton Has The Chance To Change Cuban Policy
Times Of India:
Worldly Americans Against Unilateral Sanctions

Saturday, April 29
Joe Carroll: 'Star Wars' May Dominate US Presidential Election
Larry Weiss:
Here's What The IMF/World Bank Protests Are All About

Friday, April 28
Dave Zweifel:
Flag Burning: Elian's Case Showcases Hypocrisy
Liza Featherstone: The New Student Movement: Protests Rock The Corporate University
Derrick Jackson: It's A Miracle! The Republicans Want Gun Control!
Katha Pollitt: Dr. Laura, Be Quiet!
Kevin McKiernan: An Arms Sale Amid Objections

Thursday, April 27
Donella Meadows:
Rhetoric About Taxes, Facts About Taxes
Norman Solomon:
Break Up Microsoft?...Then How About The Media 'Big Six'?
Sigourney Weaver: Stop Treating Refugees Like Criminals
Bob Jackson: Black Panther's Bobby Seale Urges Non-Violence
David Sarasohn: Hunger Tale Slow Getting To Congress

Wednesday, April 26
Judy Mann:
Standing Up For The Victims Of Globalization
Tom Turnipseed: White Privilege: No Pain, No Gain!
Brian Livingston: AOL's "Youth Filters": Keeping Kids Out Of Dangerous Web Sites Or Eliminating Creeping Liberalism?
Susanne Jonas: A New Guatemalan Tragedy in the Making?
Bronwen Maddox: Mikhail Gorbachev Warns The US Of Its Dangerous "Superiority Complex"
Robert Reich: Greenspan & Company Are Imposing Most Of The Pain On People On The Bottom Rungs Of The Income Ladder
Molly Ivins: Elian Coverage: Media Provided A Fountain Of Misinformation
Howell Raines: The Murderous Era of George C. Wallace

Tuesday, April 25
Sean Gonsalves:
There's Just No Escaping The Madison Avenue Thought Police
Richard Goldstein: The Millenium March: A Gay March On Washington Spawns A Major Movement Rift
Frances Fox Piven: Welfare Movement Rises
David Moberg: How To Fix The IMF: First, Do No Harm
Julian Borger: New US Radar Site Threatens ABM Treaty

Monday, April 24
Ralph Nader:
Corporate Globalization Is Facing A Brewing Citizen Reaction In Developing And Industrialized Countries Alike
Salim Muwakkil: Demonstrations Starting To Net Global Results
Jeremy Rifkin: Cradle to Grave, You're a Customer First
Marc Lappe/Britt Bailey: Genetically-Engineered Foods: Consumers Have The Right To Know What They Are Eating
Mark Shields: Microsoft Consultant Ralph Reed Hands Embarrassment To Client Bush
William Raspberry: Our Obsolete Cuba Policy

Sunday, April 23
Robert Borosage: Mixing '60s Activism And Anti-Globalization
Ellen Frank: Heading For A Fall? As Pro-Market Juggernaut Whittles Away Safety Net, Politicians Leave Americans Vulnerable To Downturns
Mindy Cameron: Seattle's Free-Traders Listen For 'Justice In The Clamor'

Saturday, April 22
Joshua Karliner/Kenny Bruno:
Corporations Greenwash Us Earth Day And Every Day
Madison Capital Times:
Earth Day's Radical Roots
St Louis Post Dispatch:
Drive-Through Executions
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Next Earth Day Mission: Poverty

Friday, April 21
Alexander Cockburn:
Radio Power Play: Broadcasters, NPR Team Up To Kill Low-Power FM
Joshua Karliner/Kenny Bruno: Ford's Earth Day Greenwash

Thursday, April 20
John Nichols:
Protests Succeeded In Shaking Up D.C., Mobilizing Forces
Donella Meadows: Earth Day Plus Thirty, As Seen By The Earth
Marc Cooper: Less Bank - More World: First Seattle, Then A 16. Now Itís Time To Ask Not Where - But What?
Alexander Cockburn: 'New' and 'Left' Are Not Oxymoronic
Laura Flanders: Ariannaís Change of Heart
Norman Solomon: When Corporate Media Cover "Independent Media"
Molly Ivins: Where's The Outrage? I Got Plenty For Ya
Farai Chideya: Good Health Not Another Free Market Commodity
John Gamboa/Mary Ann Mitchell: The Fed Is Overlooking the Inflationary Effect of CEO Compensation

Wednesday, April 19
Jim Shultz:
Bolivian Uprisings Flow From Bechtel's Greed
Courtland Milloy: The Courage Of Protesters' Convictions
Naomi Klein: Victory! The World Bank And The IMF Were Shaken To Their Very Core
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Meaning of April 16
Eric Pooley: IMF: Dr. Death? Case Study Of How The Global Banker's Shock Therapy Helps Economies But Hammers The Poor
Andrew Lam: One World: It's A State Of Mind
Matthew Rothschild: A Glorious Protest
Helen Schary Motro: At Passover, Remembering Others To Be Freed
Kenny Bruno: Beyond Street Tactics: The Anti-Corporate Globalization Movement after Washington
Matthew Miller: How Venture Capital, The Rich Man's Casino, Helps Fuel Stock Woes
Carl Hiaasen: Elian's Miami Family: Let's Discuss Character Issues

Tuesday, April 18
John Nichols:
Historian Zinn Foresaw Globalization Protests
Ralph Nader: Greenspan Shrugged: The Reserve Chair's Philosophy Differs Little From His Ayn Rand Days
EJ Dionne: Anarchist Bakers Pick Up Andrew Jackson's Crusade
Sean Gonsalves: The Defense of Fear Inc
Stephanie Salter: Mm, Fair Trade Certified To The Last Drop
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Label Modified Food? Of Course

Monday, April 17
Bill McKibben:
Three Cheers: Let's Hope The Tactics That Have Rocked Free-Traders Can Also Change The Hearts And Minds Of SUV-Driving, Overconsuming Americans
Bob Buzzanco:
25 Years After End Of Vietnam War Myths Keep Us From Coming To Terms With Vietnam
Jeremy Rifkin:
It's Death of a Salesman as Shared-Savings Catches On
Salim Muwakkil:
Paying Back The Slavery Debt
Thomas Shapley:
Clinton's Cruel Decision On Land Mines Risks Too Many Live
Holly Sklar:
How Wide Grows CEO Earnings Gap

Sunday, April 16

David Bacon:
School Testing: An Education-Industrial Complex Is Emerging
Robert Jensen:
In Moral Accounting, First World's The Debtor
Osmond Molarsky:
The Really Green Candidate
Juliette Beck:
Why We Are Protesting
Todd Gitlin:
Shouts Bring Murmurs, And That Works
RC Longworth:
They Took To The Streets To Get A Seat At The Table
Jeff Cohen:
Nader Has The Numbers But Buchanan Has The Limelight
Kevin Phillips:
Expect The Widening Rich/Poor Divide To Focus The Political Debate
Luci Scott:
U.S. Brought Grief To Afghan Women

Saturday, April 15

Matthew Rothschild:
The Bell Tolls For The IMF, World Bank
James Dao:
Nader Runs Again, This Time With Feeling
Charles Derber:
Will The World Be Ruled By Money Or Human Rights?

Friday, April 14

Dan Hamburg:
Clinton's Sequoia National Monument: A Pig In A Poke
Taking Action:
South African Bitterly Criticizes IMF Policies
Adam Jones/Lea Paterson:
Why Do The Poor Still Pay The Rich?
Maxine Waters:
Third World Debt Relief Is The Right Thing To Do
Barbara Starfield:
On Health Care, Paying Cadillac Prices For A Pinto
Pat Waterston:
Toward A Brave New World Of Natural Capitalism

Thursday, April 13
Madison Capital Times:
Roasting Starbucks
Donella Meadows:
The Globalization Of Ben And Jerry's
Norman Solomon:
Protests In Washington Clash With Media Spin
John Nichols: Bank Protesters' Cause Worth Risking Arrest
Shawn Hubler: Justice For Janitors
Taking Action: Justice For Janitors: Organization, Commitment Power Strike
Jay Hancock: Shaking A Fist At Global Finance: Washington Protests Focusing Anger On World Bank And IMF
Kathy Kelly: Iraqi Sanctions: What About The Incubators?
Bob Herbert: GW Bush: Clueless In Texas

Wednesday, April 12

Robert Reich:
It's a Hot Economy, but Not for Janitors, Others
Molly Ivins: Capitalism Doesn't Do Squat For Social Justice
Charles Shaw: War On Drugs Unfairly Targets African-Americans
Julian Borger: CNN, NPR Let Army Staff Into Newsroom
Boston Globe: US Bombing Of Chinese Embassy: Implausible Blunder?

Tuesday, April 11
Sixteen Years For A Snickers Bar
Dan Hamburg: Nader Skewing The Election Would Bring Newfound Power And Self-Respect Within The American Left
Sean Gonsalves: Who Are The Bush People?
Molly Ivins: I Know - One More Opinion On Elian Gonzalez And You're Going To Urp
Jonathan Steele: While We Give Millions To Feed Ethiopia, Banks And Governments Take It Back In Interest

Monday, April 10
John Nichols:
Thousands Rally To Urge Erasing Third World Debt
Lewis Green: Cancel The Crushing Debt Of Third World Countries
Jeremy Rifkin: Is Ownership An Outmoded Concept?
Salim Muwakkil: What Is The Purpose Of This Country's Embargo Against Cuba?
Sylvester Salcedo: From The Front Line, Tale Of Failed Drug War

Sunday, April 9
Suzanne Daley:
In Europe's Eyes, Americans Become Uglier And Uglier
Jeff Cohen: Democrats Suffer From a Bad Case of Clintonism
Ann Louise Bardach: Winners, Losers of the Elian Saga
Ira Chernus: Planning For The Reaction To 'A15' In Boulder, Colorado
Robert Braile: Global Warming Is Hotter Now Than Ever - Hotter, That Is, Everywhere But Washington
Marc Lappe/Tom Hayden: Label Genetically Altered Food: The Biotech Industry Need Not Worry If Its Products Are As Good As They Say

Saturday, April 8
Frank Rich: La Cage au George W
Going Backwards: Polluted Willamette River Sullies Image Of A Green Oregon
Barry Saunders:
Al The Pander Bear: Are His Hopes Extinct?
Hussein Ibish: Palestinian Right Of Return Must Not Only Recognized But Realized

Friday, April 7
Bruce Mirken: Elián: Gore's Message Is Scary For Gays
Madison Capital Times:
Bill(ionaire) Gates Gets His: Take that, Bill Gates!
The Nation: Seattle Sequel in DC
St Petersburg Times: Al Gore In Fading Green
Rich Salutin: Here's To A World In Denial: The US Is A Rogue State
Michael Klare: The Reason Behind The $1.6 Billion Colombian Aid Package

Thursday, April 6
Donella Meadows: Japan Beats America to the Twenty-First Century Car
Norman Solomon: From The News Media To Elián, With Love
Andrew Gumbel: Janitors Bring California To Its Knees
Farai Chideya: International Issues In The Age Of Infotainment
Richard Cohen: Fools For Elián

Wednesday, April 5
Matthew Rothschild: Elian Gonzalez, Miami Mobsters, Al Gore, And The Embargo
Mokhiber/Weissman: A Dozen Reasons to Come To DC For April 16
Dan Hamburg: Pruneyard & The Walmart 9
St Petersburg Times: Colombian Aid Won't Stop Drugs
Max Castro: Elián: Affirming One's Rights Vs. Trampling Over Others'
Jonathan Freedland: Windows Close For Capitalism: Judge Proved The Corporate Beast Can Be Tamed
Paul Wellstone: China: Annual Trade Review Promotes Human Rights
Lawrence Mishel: It's Time To End Our Hypocrisy Regarding Undocumented Workers

Tuesday, April 4
Robert Scheer: It's The Megamerger Of America Online And Time-Warner That's Scary
Madison Capital Times: Elian Should Be Sent Home To Cuba. Gore Should Be Sent To The Woodshed
Sean Gonsalves: MLK Jr's Murder: Confessions Of Conspiracy
Nat Hentoff: Welfare 'Reform': The Americans Who Keep Disappearing
Tom Teepen: Vice President Panders To The Anti-Castro Crowd
Martin Dyckman: They Guard Flag While Integrity Burns
Ralph Nader: Farm Aid: The DEA Should Get Out Of Regulating Hemp Agriculture
Duncan Campbell: An Emerging Latino-Led Radicalism In The US

Monday, April 3

Going Forward: New Poll: Americans Eager For Far-Ranging Campaign Finance Reform
Taking Action: Naomi Klein: Canada's Anti-Corporate Crusader
Jeremy Rifkin: Can Civilization Survive With The Commercial Sphere Left As The Primary Mediator Of Human Life?
Salim Muwakkil: Black Studies: A Shining Star On A South Side Prairie

Sunday, April 2
Josh Getlin: Haitians Feel 'Under Siege' in Brooklyn
Will Hutton: On The Road To Ruin: Whether It's Digging Up The Roads Or Tearing Families Apart, Business Brooks No Interference
Louis Freedberg: Trying to Return Health Care And Food to Legal Immigrants
Gart Hart: Elián Needed An Embassy
Robert Kuttner: Despite Unprecedented Affluence, States Are Shortchanging The Poor

Saturday, April 1
Jim Cullen: Nader Stumps for Green Nomination
Frank Smyth/Maud Beelman: Pentagon Trained Troops Led by Officer Accused In Colombian Massacre
Raphael Lewis: Opening In A Toxics Case Near You, Erin Brokovich
Leonard Pitts: Elian Saga On A Course For Collision
John Buell: Revisiting Canadian Health Care



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