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JUNE 9, 1999  9:40 AM
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney:
Scott Southward (202) 225-1463
McKinney Says "NATO Should End The Bombing"
WASHINGTON - June 9 - Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), Member of the International Relations and Armed Services Committees, says NATO can end the suffering of the Kosovars if they would focus on peace negotiations and not bombing strategies.

"NATO has effectively closed diplomatic channels that were open when it initiated its bombing campaign," says Congresswoman McKinney. "NATO's decision to intensify its bombing campaign now risks producing the same result, the collapse of negotiations."

For two and a half months now, we have seen vivid evidence of mans capacity for cruelty to his fellow man. And throughout, each side, NATO and Serbia, have engaged in a media bidding war, each attributing to the other -- for foreign and domestic political consumption -- the greater aggression, the greatest atrocity, the most horrific of human dignity.

"I don't know, or much care, who will win these media spin wars. Its clear to me, that there are no winners, with the exception of the weapons makers. My only hope is that we will end this bombing and end the suffering of the ethnic Albanians. We need peace in the Balkans and we need a peace agreement so both sides can save face," says Congresswoman McKinney.

Our efforts to help the people of Kosovo has left them a nation of refugees, the infrastructure upon which their dignity and lives have been destroyed. We've become a military ally of a terrorist organization, the KLA. We've trampled international law and marginalized the UN, diverted billions from social security and nutrition programs, set back relations with the nuclear powers of China and Russia to the cold war era, and effectively destroyed the democratic opposition to Milosevic in Serbia.

"The only rational course is to suspend the bombing and dedicate ourselves to negotiation a just peace that can be administered by the United Nations," concludes Congresswoman McKinney.


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