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JUNE 4, 1999  2:51 PM
Peace Action
Gordon Clark (202) 862-9740 x3007
Nation's Largest Peace Group Declares War in Yugoslavia a Failure; Thousands of Protesters to March from the Vietnam War Memorial to the Pentagon Saturday

Emergency Mobilization Against the War
Who: International Action Center and Peace Action
When: Saturday, June 5, 1999 at 12:00 noon
Where: Meet at the Vietnam Memorial, march to the Pentagon at 1:30pm

"This war has been a monumental failure," said Gordon Clark, Executive Director of Peace Action in a statement June 4 chastising the Clinton administration's bombing campaign. "There is no victory here for President Clinton or NATO, and certainly not for the people of Yugoslavia." Clark will be among the speakers at a major demonstration on Saturday, June 5 to protest NATO's ongoing bombing in Yugoslavia

Thousands of people are traveling from the Midwest and the length of the East Coast to join the march from the Lincoln Memorial to the Pentagon to protest the war.

"All of the essential items in this tentative new agreement could have been reached six months ago. But instead of using diplomacy, the U.S. went charging in with military threats, and then with an illegal and immoral bombing campaign, aimed largely at the civilian population," said Clark.

At the Pentagon, Peace Action activists will stage a "Die In" to commemorate those killed by NATO's bombing. "As a result of this war, we now have almost a million Kosovar refugees whose fate is far from certain, thousands of dead Kosovar Albanian and Serbian civilians and a destroyed civilian infrastructure. Additionally, we have further undermining of international law and the United Nations, and fractured relations with two other nuclear weapons states: China and Russia," said Clark. "Is this what President Clinton calls victory?"

Peace Action is the nation's largest grassroots peace and disarmament organization with 50,000 members nationwide. Since 1957, Peace Action, formerly Sane/Freeze, has organized for the abolition of nuclear weapons, an end to the international arms trade and a redirection of U.S. tax dollars from the Pentagon budget to community needs.


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