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JUNE 1, 1999  7:55 PM
People for the American Way
Nancy Coleman 202/467-4999
Robertson Back In the Driverís Seat; Former Executive Director Randy Tateís Demotion Sends Message to GOP: Stick To Your Guns!
WASHINGTON - June 1 - Tuesdayís announcement that Pat Robertson is removing Randy Tate from the position of executive director of the Christian Coalition is further evidence of Robertsonís entanglement with Republican Party politics, People For the American Way Foundation warned.

According to an Associated Press report, Robertson made the move because of unhappiness with gun control measures passed by the GOP-controlled Senate. Such action was a victory for moderates in the GOP and a defeat for ideological conservatives.

Shields noted that the move also comes after the Christian Coalitionís former President, Don Hodel, stepped down in February after a falling-out with Robertson. According to published reports, Robertson wrote Hodelís letter of resignation.

"Republican moderates, beware: todayís announcement is an indication that Pat Robertson will stop at nothing to drive your party over the ideological cliff," PFAWF President Carole Shields said. "When Pat Robertson canít even agree with stalwart conservatives Randy Tate and Don Hodel, to say nothing of the GOP Senate leadership, it is a sign that the leadership of the Religious Right political movement is on a collision course with mainstream moderates within the GOP."


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