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DECEMBER 11, 1998   5:00 PM
CONTACT: National Organization for Women
Loretta Kane 202-331-0066 x762
NOW President Patricia Ireland Challenges Livingston to Reign in Conservatives and Calls upon Women to Lobby Against Impeachment
WASHINGTON - December 11 -

The Congress is seriously considering the impeachment of a president who not only was elected twice with overwhelming support from women, but also continues to have the support of the nation. The Republicans are mired in a partisan game of chicken; their feet are firmly planted on the accelerator, and they clearly are determined not to stop until they crash.

Could their party, represented by an elephant, have already forgotten the voters' message in 1998? Does Bob Livingston want to be a one-term speaker?

No matter how offensive the president's behavior was, it does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense. And, the no-holds-barred attack by the ultra-conservatives on women's issues is a far more onerous threat to women and our families. It is time to bring the House Judiciary Committee's sideshow to a close, and for Congress to focus on important issues like improving Social Security and Medicare, passing equal pay initiatives, strengthening public education and funding anti-violence-against-women programs.

With Newt Gingrich busy packing his bags, the House seems to have been taken over by reckless right-wingers. It's time for Livingston to take the wheel and get Congress back on course. He must reign in his conservative cohorts who seek to thwart the will of the people with their abuse of the impeachment process. The new Speaker of the House must stand up and be a leader. The country deserves nothing less.

And women must lobby against impeachment. We have spoken repeatedly in the public opinion polls. We have registered our views in the voting booths. Now, we must send our message to every member of Congress: Vote "NO" on impeachment and get back to work!

The vote on the floor of the House of Representatives will be the last chance for 105th Congress to achieve something of note. By voting against impeachment, they can give the new Congress the gift of a clean slate in 1999 -- and the chance to work on public policy instead of debating presidential parries.




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