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DECEMBER 8, 1998   1:00 PM
CONTACT: Anti-Defamation League
Myrna Shinbaum, 212-885-7747, or Tracy Gary, 212-885-7715
Feminism Appropriated to Spread Hate on World Wide Web
WASHINGTON - December 8 - The following was released today by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL):

Women in hate groups have appropriated feminism's struggle and are utilizing the Internet to peddle their racist propaganda. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has learned that among the hundreds upon hundreds of bigoted Web sites promoting a variety of hateful philosophies are numerous sites created by women who are distorting the struggle for women's equality solely for the propagation of hate.

A new ADL report, "Feminism Perverted: Extremist Women on the World Wide Web," reveals the contents of several women-generated hate sites, such as "Her Race," "World Church of the Creator -- Women's Frontier," and "Women for Aryan Unity."

"These women-generated hate sites are publicizing hate on the Internet aimed at Jews, Blacks and other minorities," said Elizabeth J. Coleman, director of ADL Civil Rights Division. "While female-oriented hate sites publish extremist screeds similar to those of their male counterparts, they are using the Internet primarily as a tool to promote discussion of their role in the white supremacist movement. These bigoted women have appropriated feminism's struggle for the despicable purpose of spreading hate."

According to the ADL report, some female extremists promote women's performance of domestic tasks to aid the "movement," while others encourage women to work and become politically active. One task they all agree on, however, is that of raising racist children. In the "Knews" Klan e-mail newsletter, Jo Kinder announced that "nothing can be more important to our cause" than taking time to teach white children "pride in their heritage."

Her Race

On the Her Race Web site, Nancy Jensen, a self-proclaimed "staunch National-socialist female majoring in pre-medicine at an Ivy League institution," writes about equality between men and women in the extremists' struggle, even when it involves violent action. "As for the issue of women physically defending their race or country," she writes, "if they possess that desire and ability, then they should go for it."

Women for Aryan Unity

Echoing Hitler's view that women should focus on "Kirche, Kuche, Kinder" (church, kitchen, children), the Women for Aryan Unity Website urges racist women to "stand by" their husbands by keeping their home, providing for their "comfort," and indoctrinating their children with hate. The site instructs racist women to take up weapons and sound the "battle cry" only if their husbands "fall."These women are upset that they have been taught they "are no longer needed in the homes as wives and mothers" and angered that they "have been forced to compete with men for the males' jobs."

The World Church of the Creator -- Women's Frontier

The World Church of the Creator points to Jews as Satan's children and deems Blacks and other minorities as subhuman "mud" people. Introducing "The Mud Chronicles," the Church's Women's Frontier Website proclaims, "We believe it is vitally important for White people-- especially our White Sisters -- to fully understand the bizarre, disgusting and criminal behavior of the inferior mud races."

British National Party

Sharon Edwards, writing on the Web site of the British National Party, encourages "less fainthearted women to stand as candidates" for public office. Though she claims not to be "just another passenger on the feminist bandwagon," she believes it "only right that women join our men in the battle to alleviate the perils of the present age" and sees "the contesting of elections" as "inevitably an important part of the struggle."

As the leading authority on hate on the Internet, ADL has recently released ADL Hate Filter. This first-of-its-kind educational filter software product provides users with the option of screening out hate sites while obtaining information about the anti-Semitic, racist and extremist individuals and groups who espouse their views on the Internet. The League also has published several reports on the topic including "High-Tech Hate: Extremist Use of the Internet," "The Web of Hate," and "Warning Hate Zone: A Parent's Guide," all based on findings from the League's full-time Internet Monitoring Unit.

------ The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.

------ EDITOR'S NOTE: To receive a copy of "Feminism Perverted: Extremist Women on the World Wide Web," or to arrange an interview with an ADL expert, call the ADL Media Relations department at 212-885-7749. The above report can also be found on the ADL Web site at .




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