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DECEMBER 2, 1998   10:18 AM
CONTACT: Democrats W/An Attitude
Blois Olson, 651-221-1999, or Steve Johnson, 888-386-3367
Minneapolis Recording Artist, Democrats with an Attitude Take Entertaining Shot and Impeachment Hearings, Starr
MINNEAPOLIS - December 2 - The following was released today by Democrats with an Attitude:

Minneapolis-based nationally renowned Raven recording artist Paul Metsa, and the nationally recognized new attitude of Democratic party politics Democrats with an Attitude are teaming up to release and introduce Metsa's soon-to-be-hit "Lincoln's Bedroom" to the world.

Metsa has been called "one of the most poetic protest songwriters of our day," by the College Music Journal.

The folk tune written and performed by Metsa is a ballad that cleverly discusses the issues of the day and Kenneth Starr's witch hunt investigation into President Clinton.

The refrain, "have they no shame" sums up the Starr presidential meandering and reminds listeners that there is, "a wife, mother and daughter sleeping down the hall."

The analogy that Starr is peering through the window of the Lincoln Bedroom snooping on Clinton and disrespecting the office and the country couldn't be more accurate. It is also a soft but not so subtle poke at the entire premise of Starr's investigation.

Metsa compares Starr to the "jackbooted sex police" and parallels the $50 million Starr investigation to the Spanish Inquisition claiming, "Nikita Khruschev must be laughing in his grave."

All in all there is no doubt that the song is a clever artistic account of how most Americans feel about the entire ordeal.

In true populist spirit, "Lincoln's Bedroom" can be downloaded for free from

Order the four song CD at

------ Lyrics to Lincoln's Bedroom
by Paul Metsa

There's a light in Lincoln's Bedroom
It ain't comin' from inside
Someone's peeking through the window
With just as much to hide
The Spanish Inquisition
Is comin' to the USA
I think Nikita Khruschev
Is laughing in his grave
And if you get a ticket
From the Jackboot Sex Police
Time off for good behavior
Pending your release

Have they no shame?
Have they no shame?
Wife, mother and a daughter
They are sleeping down the hall
Now lay cut and bleeding
From some Tin Star's witch hunt voodoo doll
Who are they to ask the question
Who are they indeed
From behind the wizard curtain
Brings a country to its knees
They're hangin' on the windows
They're bangin' on the pipes
Don't need a match nor gasoline
To burn the Stars and Stripes


High crimes or misdemeanors
Is there something that I missed
Sometimes a sigh is just a sigh
A kiss is just a kiss
Let Big Brother lead you
From the cradle to the grave
Decide which souls to cast aside
Or which souls to save
The ghost in Lincoln's bedroom
Is howlin' at the moon
Is it just the man from Arkansas
'Cause it sounds like me and you


Have they no shame?
Have they no shame?
Have they no shame?
Have they no shame?




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