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OCTOBER 23, 2003
2:03 PM
Jessica Smith, Trevor FitzGibbon,
Kawana Lloyd or Roberto Delgado (202) 822-5200
MoveOn Voter Fund WIll Raise 10 Million to Air Bush Policy Failures
WASHINGTON - October 23 - Voter Fund will kick off an unprecedented grassroots fundraising campaign today with contributions dedicated to producing and purchasing TV issue advertising on George W. Bush and the failures of his presidency. With a goal of raising $10 million, the Voter Fund expects to be on the air in selected electoral battleground states through March 2004.

“Our members have made it unmistakably clear that they want us to do everything we can during the coming months to get the message out about President Bush’s policy mistakes and mis-leadership,” said Eli Pariser, campaigns director for and the Voter Fund.

MOVF will produce powerful public education TV spots and put them up with significant buys in targeted states, stressing three recurring lessons learned so far in the Bush presidency: that the President can’t be trusted to tell the truth to Americans, that he is disinterested in the needs of ordinary working families and that he lacks the competence to solve the nation’s problems.

“We’re starting now because many Americans are beginning to question George W. Bush’s mismanagement of the war in Iraq, the national economy and a range of other domestic and foreign policy issues,” said Pariser. “We want them to see through the false rhetoric of the White House spinners.

“It’s also the case that between now and the end of March there will be little competing political advertising focusing on Bush’s record, so that we believe we will reach an audience that may tune out later in the election year, as the usual glut of campaign claims and attacks clog the airwaves.” is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing online advocacy group. The voter fund is a 527 adjunct organization created to highlight issues, but not support candidates, in the 2004 election.


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