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OCTOBER 18, 2003
10:54 PM
Jane Evershed 612-377-6355
Tom Bottolene-651-388-4814
The Alliant 28 Found Not Guilty
WASHINGTON - October 18 - The Alliant 28 were found NOT GUILTY October 17, 2003 by a jury in the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis Minnesota. The defendants had gathered at Alliant Techsystems headquarters in Edina, Minnesota to protest the use of radioactive waste or so-called "depleted" Uranium (DU) used in missile tips and munitions.

They entered the property on April 2, 2003 and delivered a letter to the CEO, Paul David Miller, requesting that Alliant take responsibility for damages caused by DU and to run the necessary tests to prove that DU is harmless. They represented themselves without an attorney and introduced International Law by way of the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Principles. They argued a "Claim of Right" to be on the property and stated that they were authorized by the Constitution under Article 6.

They stated that the use of these weapons manufactured by Alliant Techsystems is a crime against humanity as the radioactive waste is indiscriminant among combatants and civillians and continues to cause harm long after the dust of war has settled.

The defendants expressed grave concern about the health of US soldiers who have been victimized with weapons deployed by their own country. Wendi Nauheimer testified about the death of her brother Patrick who the family believes contracted leukemia as a result of his exposure to radioactive waste left by the first Gulf War. He participated in the clean-up phase of the war in 1992.

Four of the defendants had travelled to Iraq and testified about their encounter with the tremendous number of cases of leukemia and birth defects found in Iraq where DU was used by the US troops in 1991. The defendants testified that these weapons were manufactured by Alliant Techsystems.

Many of the defendants spoke of their deep concern for the gross deformities of children being born to Iraqi women and US soldiers and, also, the devastating effect on the environment. DU has a lifetime of four and a half billion years and has been used in other countries such as Bosnia, Serbia and Afghanistan. Three times more DU was dropped on Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom than during the first Gulf War: An estimated 320 tons was dropped during Gulf War 1 and about a thousand tons in the recent war.

The Alliant 28 and friends in the courtroom applauded the jury when they heard the NOT GUILTY verdict. Wendi and Carol Nauheimer said that they felt some justice had been served on behalf of their brother and son, respectively, S.Sgt Patrick Nauheimer. "This the first time we have ever had a voice to say anything publicly in a courtroom about what happened to Patrick."


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