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OCTOBER 16, 2003
4:07 PM
CONTACT:  U.S. Representative Kucinich
Doug Gordon (202) 225-5871
Kucinich: No $87 Billion Dollar Bailout For Failed Policy - US Presence In Iraq Counterproductive and Destabilizing
WASHINGTON - October 16 - Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), a leader in the opposition to the war against Iraq in the House issued the following statement as the House considers the President's $87 billion war funding bill:

"Over the past year and a half, the Bush Administration has attempted to make the case that the Iraq war is part of the global 'War on Terror'. They argued that military action to disarm Iraq would both save the United States from being directly attacked by Iraq's "stockpiles" of weapons of mass destruction and would also prevent Iraq from giving WMD to terrorist groups that could then launch attacks against the United States.

"Of course no weapons of mass destruction have been found and there has been no proof offered that connects Saddam Hussein with the September 11th attacks or the Al Qaeda terrorist network. The reasons that the Bush Administration went to war have all been disproved.

"Now, we are being asked again to vote in support of the war in Iraq. This vote is not about supporting the troops or about helping the Iraqi people. This money is going to keep our troops inside Iraq indefinitely and will continue to support a failed policy in Iraq that contains no exit strategy. This money is going to line the pockets of Halliburton, Bechtel and other security companies with which many Bush Administration officials have had financial relationships.

"If we support $87 billion as the next installment of our involvement in Iraq, what we are doing is supporting the continuation of the presence of American troops in Iraq. Make no mistake about it, this is only the second of many installments.

"It is time for us to rejoin the world community in the cause of stabilizing Iraq. You know and I know that the longer our troops are there, the more of them will not come back alive. The longer our troops are there, the deepening of the American involvement in Iraq will continue. This is the time for us to take a stand. Vote no on the $87 billion. Vote to bring our troops home. Vote to get the U.N. in and the U.S. out."


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