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OCTOBER 14, 2003
12:17 PM
CONTACT:  California Peace Action
Peter Ferenbach 510.849.2272 ext: 106
Scott Lynch 301.565.4050 ext:330
Ad Campaign Reveals Bush's Stealth Plan to Build New Nukes
WASHINGTON - October 14 - -"President Bush telling Iran, North Korea and the rest of the world that they need to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction while at the same time launching a program to build new ones here in the US, destroys what's left of our credibility and encourages nuclear proliferation.

"However there is still time to defeat the Bush Administration's stealth campaign to put our country back in the nuclear bomb making business," said Peter Ferenbach, Executive Director of California Peace Action.

WHAT: To publicize this under-reported story, starting this week, ads by California Peace Action and the Peace Action Education Fund will begin to appear in key mass transit systems. The ads portraying Bush's hypocrisy will reach 21 million Americans when the country is highly focused on Bush's use of WMD intelligence to justify war in Iraq.

WHERE: The biggest ad buy will be in Washington DC with 200 ads going up this week throughout the busy DC Metro system. Additional ads will appear in Los Angeles and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Ads have already run in major papers in the politically important states of Oregon, Nebraska and Maine. Transit systems of other major cities are also being targeted.

WHY: The Senate approved the Bush's request to fund the development of new usable nuclear weapons - including so-called mini-nukes and the "bunker buster" that could be used as a first strike weapon against non-nuclear nations. The administration is also asking for tax dollars to prepare to break the global moratorium on explosive nuclear tests. The ads are meant to make it clear to members of Congress and their staff that there will be a political cost in 2004 for siding with Bush and launching a new arms race by voting to develop new nuclear weapons.

A conference committee composed of members of the House (which opposed the funding) and the Senate (which supported the funding) will be meeting in October to negotiate the final funding bill.

To find out more about this issue, read an Opinion Editorial by California Peace Action's Executive Director Peter Ferenbach here:


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