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OCTOBER 9, 2003
10:45 AM
CONTACT:  U.S. Representative Doggett
Marshall Maher (202) 225-4865
Rep. Lloyd Doggett Announces House Opposition to $87 Billion Blank Check
WASHINGTON - October 9 - U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) joined several members of Congress this morning to announce his opposition to the $87 billion blank check. Rep. Doggett urged Congress to support the troops by supporting accountability. His statement follows:

"Last October, despite considerable obstacles, an overwhelming majority of the Democratic members of Congress voted against the open-ended resolution approving the President's unprecedented invasion of Iraq. Our concerns about that failed policy have been amply justified by the events of the ensuing months. Now is no time to reverse course and embrace a policy whose principal ingredient is arrogance. The numbers of our colleagues preparing to vote against this $87 billion blank check are now growing. We expect considerable opposition next week."

"This Administration has promised much and delivered little. It cannot find Osama bin Laden, it cannot find Saddam Hussein, it cannot find weapons of mass destruction, it cannot even find whoever at the White House was responsible for illegally revealing a CIA agent. The only thing this Administration can find is the taxpayers' wallet."

"With the United States doing almost all of the paying for this war and our young men and women doing almost all of the dying, we have a constitutional obligation to hold this administration accountable for its conduct. In doing its job, this Congress needs to demonstrate a little more of the type of courage that our young people have shown in Iraq. We must support our troops by giving them the accountability they deserve."

"Endless requests for American taxpayer dollars and belated entreaties for international help are no substitute for a strategic plan to bring peace, security, and stability to Iraq. We should not allow the failure of Administration ideologues in business suits to continue endangering those who bravely serve in uniform."


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