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OCTOBER 8, 2003
9:54 AM
CONTACT:  Sierra Club
Catherine Corkery 603-224-8222
David Willett 202-675-6698
Sierra Club Launches New Ad in NH for Visit by President Bush
CONCORD, NH - October 8 - New Hampshire Sierra Club (NHSC) members and other concerned citizens released a TV ad that draws attention to the Bush Administration's failure to protect Granite State communities' clean air and water. Returning to the state, President Bush will face questions from local citizens who are increasingly concerned that the profits of corporations are trumping their own health and safety.

"America has made great progress cleaning soot and smog from our air, pollution from our water and toxic chemicals from our communities. But the Bush Administration has put that progress in peril and our communities at risk," said Jon Barrows, NH Sierra Club Chapter Chair.

The ad refers directly to changes in the Clean Air Act's New Source Review provision that protects New Hampshire from additional pollution and unhealthy risks:

"Bush administration is weakening clean air laws, letting polluting companies off the hook, and refusing to require old power plants to modernize and cut pollution."

The TV ad is running from Tuesday, October 7 until Thursday, October 9 on WCVB Boston, New Hampshire's WMUR and several selected cable channels.

The Bush Administration is allowing corporate lobbyists to rewrite and weaken the laws that protect our public health and safety and the land we love. Instead of focusing resources on protecting our families and promoting responsible technological solutions, the Bush Administration is allowing power plants to put more mercury and smog pollution in our air and cutting the funds needed to enforce the current clean air and water laws that protect our health.

Here in New Hampshire, citizens are particularly concerned about toxic power plant pollution causing increased smog, asthma attacks and mercury poisoning in fish from local ponds and streams.

"Unfortunately, the Bush Administration has put the Granite State's clean air at risk," said Jim Sconyers, NH Sierra Club Conservation Chair. "We're here to tell President Bush there's a better way."

Some of the more harmful moves by the Bush Administration include weakening the Clean Air Act to allow power plants and other factories to skirt pollution controls, letting polluting industries rewrite the Clean Water Act to change the definition of protected waters, and forcing taxpayers, not the polluters, to pay for the cleanup of toxic waste sites around the country.

"Thirty years of progress has taught us that there is a better way. That's why Sierra Club members are here --to ask President Bush to enforce clean air and clean water laws; to hold polluters responsible for the damage they do; and to create jobs and clean up our environment by investing in modern technology, energy efficiency, and renewable energy sources like wind and solar power to create a clean and affordable energy future," concluded Jon Barrows.


Sierra Club

TV :30



If you breathe and live in New Hampshire, Pay attention.

We now have the fourth highest asthma rate in America.

But our air will be getting even worse, because the Bush administration is weakening clean air laws, letting polluting companies off the hook, and refusing to require old power plants to modernize and cut pollution.

There is a better way Mr. President.

Use today's technology, enforce the law and protect the health and safety of our kids and communities.


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