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OCTOBER 2, 2003
2:18 PM
CONTACT: Institute for Public Accuracy 
Sam Husseini (202) 347-0020
David Zupan (541) 484-9167
Interviews Available: Wilson, Kay, Iraq Fines


A former CIA officer, Agee wrote the book Inside the Company: CIA Diary, which named CIA officers and prompted the government to enact the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. Agee now runs a travel services business in Havana. He said today: "The outing of Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife as an undercover CIA officer is the kind of dirty politics we've come to expect from this White House. The ambassador poked a hole in the pack of lies Bush used to justify the invasion of Iraq. And so now there appears to be a violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act from the White House of the son of the president who worked so hard as CIA director and then as vice president for passage of this law. The motives here are totally different from the motives that others and I had in exposing CIA people in the 1970s. Ours were political in attacking the U.S. policy of using the CIA to establish and support the bloody dictatorships of that time in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and other countries."


Former chief UN weapons inspector in Iraq, and author of the recently released Frontier Justice: Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Bushwhacking of America, Ritter noted that David Kay, who is testifying today before Congress, had indicated in August that he had already found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. [See:, and Robert Novak's column:] Ritter said today: "Myth after myth propagated by the Bush administration about Iraqi WMD has been exposed, from the so-called 'mobile biological laboratories,' to smallpox, nuclear weapons, remotely piloted vehicles equipped to dispense chemical and biological agents, or any aspect whatsoever of the massive stockpile of prohibited weapons the Bush administration ... assured America and the world existed in Iraq before the war. To appease his political masters in the White House, David Kay is in the process of creating yet another myth -- that the fault for the intelligence failure regarding Iraq's missing WMD rests not with the Bush administration or its predecessors, but rather with Saddam himself, who misled the world into believing these weapons existed. Such a position embraces Orwellian doublespeak.... For over a decade, Saddam Hussein and the Government of Iraq have been saying the exact opposite, that there are no WMD in Iraq."


A former nuclear scientist with the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission, Khadduri wrote the just released book Iraq's Nuclear Mirage. He has written a series of articles over the last year questioning the Bush administration's assertions, most recently one entitled "Circle of Lies Coming to a Close," about Kay's investigation. He notes that Kay has admitted that weapons inspection has not been a motivation, quoting Kay: "For me, the real change occurred in '94. By 1994 I was no longer an inspector, but I was testifying and writing on Iraq that 'There is no ultimate success that involves UNSCOM. It's got to be a change of regime. It's got to be a change of Saddam.'"


Kelly is co-founder of Voices in the Wilderness, a humanitarian group that openly violated the economic sanctions on Iraq by delivering medicine. They are now being fined by the U.S. government. This week, the group counter-sued, asking the court to prohibit the government from trying to punish anyone for providing humanitarian aid.


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