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MARCH 31, 2003
4:24 PM
CONTACT:  United for Peace & Justice
David Lerner/Mahdis Keshavarz/Shonna Carter (212) 260-5000 Bill Dobbs (212) 603-3700

Anti-War Groups Will Honor Dr. King with Local Actions from Coast to Coast April 4 to 7
United for Peace and Justice Calls for Immediate Cease Fire and Withdrawal of Troops from Iraq
Activists Cite Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Anniversary of His Assassination
NEW YORK - March 31 - Acting in the tradition of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. United for Peace and Justice has called for anti-war activities over the weekend of April 4 to 7. From vigils and rallies to mass leafleting and civil disobedience, anti-war protesters around the country will link their messages of peace with broader themes of social and economic justice.

According to UFPJ co-chair, Leslie Cagan, "The Bush Administration is spending billions of dollars in an unprovoked, illegal and immoral attack on Iraq while they ignore the plight of people at home."

Cagan said the latest round of activism will urge an immediate end to the war and withdrawal of troops from Iraq. UFPJ's latest call to action states: "We must keep the pressure on the Bush Administration because of its rogue interaction in the world community, its ignoring of international public opinion, and its disregard for the international diplomatic community in the UN. We must mobilize to stop the war now in order to save as many lives as possible. We must stop the war now so we can prioritize education, jobs and economic recovery instead of militarism and destruction." Dr. King is regarded as the nation's foremost advocate for peace and justice, articulating the link between immoral war abroad and racism and poverty at home. This weekend's activities are being conducted in his honor.

Below are some of the activities supported by United for Peace and Justice; a comprehensive listing of local events can be found at


April 4th:
UFPJ calls for activities at schools, in workplaces and in our communities that highlight the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by linking our work for peace to the struggle for economic and social justice: marches, rallies, educational events, vigils, and mass leafleting.

April 5th:
(a) Citizen Works calls for teach-ins, rallies, protests, parades, and other events as part of this year's Big Business Day. Under the theme of Challenging the Business of War, these activities will ask who pays and who benefits from this war? For more information, see
(b) Campus Anti-War Network is organizing a Festival of Peace in Washington, DC and demonstrations in Chicago and San Francisco under the theme of "no war at home and abroad." For more information, see

April 6th:
Local educational and protest activities linking the cost of this war to the cuts in housing, health care, environmental clean-up, mass transit, veterans benefits and other critical programs. Churches around the country are planning sermons and seminars.

April 7th:
Direct Action to Stop the War (SF/Bay Area) calls for a National Day of Direct Action and Civil Disobedience to Stop the War at Home and Abroad with non-cooperation targeting federal and government buildings, oil corporations, arms manufacturers and arms transportation systems. Instead of going to work or school, sustain the resistance to this war by participating in or supporting mass nonviolent direct action. For more information and resources, see

Looking ahead, UFPJ supports the activities being organized by the Latin American Solidarity Coalition from April 10th to 15th in Washington, DC. In addition to a major national conference, LASC is organizing a March and rally on April 13th and two days of Congressional lobbying on April 14th and 15th. For information, see or call LASC at 202-234-3440.

United for Peace and Justice is a national coalition of over 200 groups that oppose the war against Iraq. UFPJ organized the massive anti-war protests in New York on February 15th and March 22nd.


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