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MARCH 19, 2003
8:30 AM
John Moyers, 202-332-2881, ext. 16
Ellen Miller, 202-332-2881, ext. 10 Raises Specter of Unintended Consequences of War
WASHINGTON - March 19 - In the tradition of patriotic dissent, the Internet journal reprises a provocative opinion advertisement on the op-ed page of The New York Times today.

The Op Ad mimics the famous "I Want YOU" recruiting poster of World War I, replacing Uncle Sam with Osama bin Laden saying, "I Want YOU To Invade Iraq." The ad reads as follows:

"Go ahead. Saddam will quickly fall, but that won't make the world safer or more secure. Your bombs will send me a new generation of recruits and fuel their hatred and desire for revenge. So go ahead. Squander your wealth on war and occupation -- America will be weaker for it. Divide your people, divide the world, isolate yourselves! Perfect! I thrive on chaos. I need an enemy. You give me both."

In an accompanying editor's note on the Web site John Moyers explained: "With troops moving in the field, it was a difficult decision to reprise this ad. But it represents principled dissent firmly grounded in responsible, credible opinion from across the ideological spectrum. It bears repeating."

The Op Ad originally appeared on September 25, 2002, and framed what was then the emerging debate about the unintended consequences of unilateral U.S. action against Iraq. The Op Ad reverberated around the world. Citizens paid to run the ad in their hometown newspapers. Thousands of copies of the Op Ad have been replicated for anti-war demonstrations. It was read into the Congressional Record and shown on CNN, Fox and MSNBC. Der Spiegel and many European newspapers posted it on their Web sites.

To view the ad, visit is a nonprofit, nonpartisan Internet journal. Since 1999, its online content and ads have been praised by Rolling Stone,, the Columbia Journalism Review, Chicago Tribune, PC Magazine and many others.


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