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MARCH 11, 2003
11:14 AM
CONTACT:  Antioch College Community Members Against the War
Kelly Connolly: (937) 769-1449,
Michael Hogan: (937) 7691474,

Community Members of Antioch College Vote Against the War on Iraq;
Full Day of Events Scheduled
YELLOW SPRINGS, OHIO - March 11 - In a referendum including students, faculty, staff, and community government Antioch College passed a resolution opposing a pre-emptive strike on Iraq. A total of 328 community members voted: 308 in support of the resolution, 16 opposed, 4 undecided. The resolution states, ?we the members of Antioch College declare that we will not support a war without boundaries, without rationality and ultimately without just cause.?

The community-wide vote follows two resolutions against the war passed on February 18, one by the faculty of Antioch College and a unanimous vote by the elected members of the Administrative Council of the College.

In the past months the College has hosted events on the subject of the Iraq crisis including poetry and dramatic readings and a joint discussion with the village of Yellow Springs. In addition, a day of workshops, panel discussions, and performances about the threat of war with Iraq will be held all day and evening Friday, March 14.

The full text of the referendum is included below:

Referendum passed by the Antioch Community on March 4, 2003 OPPOSING THE WAR ON IRAQ

As people in a nation whose government has in the past chosen violence over diplomacy, secrecy over public discourse and fear over understanding, we are deeply saddened and angered that the call to war has been made in such haste. As the hundreds of millions who share our sentiments around the United States and around the world have already stated, we, the members of Antioch College, declare that we will not support a war without boundaries, without rationality and ultimately without just cause. This declaration is a plea for international diplomacy and due process over unwarranted bloodshed and the fervent rush to war with Iraq.

A pre-emptive strike against Iraq will not protect our national security, but may, in fact, threaten it.

The Bush Administration has failed to present irrefutable evidence of an imminent danger to our national security.

Waging war against Iraq without United Nations consent violates International law.

Given the current domestic economic situation, we believe that the funds allocated toward a war effort would be better spent on education, housing, health care, job training, and renewable energy.

Due to the inevitable effects of war: loss of civilian life, destruction of infrastructure, displacement of peoples, and environmental devastation; all avenues to a peaceful resolution should be seriously pursued to avoid armed conflict. A pre-emptive war and a regime change will only serve to destabilize the region.

Given that a disproportionate percentage of the U.S. armed forces are working-class and people of color, the burden of war will rest unjustly on their shoulders.

The continued bombing and economic sanctions have primarily impacted the civilians of Iraq; another war will further deprive the Iraqi people of their basic human rights.

We believe that American interests as defined by the Bush Administration are not synonymous with the public interests. The true beneficiaries of this war will be the few privileged enough to shape the consequences.

Let this declaration not stand as the end to discussion and deliberation, rather, let it be an invitation to further debate within our campus and our country. Education only happens through discourse; therefore we welcome all who wish to take part in the larger conversation.

"Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen." -Horace Mann


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