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MARCH 11, 2003
3:54 PM
CONTACT:  Veterans for Common Sense (VCS)
Tel.: 202.543.6176
Fax: 202.543.0725
In Letter to Bush, War Veterans "Strongly Question" Iraq Invasion, and Seek a Meeting
WASHINGTON - March 11 - In a letter delivered yesterday to President Bush, U.S. war veterans questioned the wisdom of invading Iraq now and sought a meeting with the White House to discuss their concerns. Initiated by the Washington-based veterans' group Veterans for Common Sense, the letter was e-mailed to veterans this weekend and quickly gathered nearly 1,000 signatories, including high-ranking officers and Kris Kristofferson.

The letter (see below) "strongly question[s] the need for war at this time," noting signatories are "not convinced that coercive containment has failed, or that war has become necessary." It argues that unlike 1991's desert campaign to liberate Kuwait, invading Iraq now would likely entail "protracted siege warfare, chaotic street-to-street fighting in Baghdad, and Iraqi civil conflict," raising fears of "casualties not witnessed since Vietnam."

Citing UN predictions of massive Iraqi casualties, including 1.26 million children under age five at particular risk, it states "excessive civilian casualties like those predicted by the UN pose a grave risk to our national security, making the U.S. more of a target of retaliatory attacks by terrorists." Its signatories describe themselves as "patriotic citizens and veterans who respect the office of the President," requesting a meeting at his "earliest possible convenience."

The following signatories are available now for media interviews:

* Specialist ERIK K. GUSTAFSON, Gulf War Army veteran, co-founder, Veterans for Common Sense, an organization started by Gulf War veterans questioning the wisdom of invading Iraq. * Captain KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, former 82 Airborne helicopter pilot, celebrated actor, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter. * Colonel DAVID H. HACKWORTH, Army veteran of 30 years, and a veteran war correspondent who covered the Gulf War. * Vice Admiral JACK SHANAHAN, former commander of the U.S. Second Fleet, former director, Center for Defense Information. * Specialist CHARLES SHEEHAN-MILES, Gulf War Army veteran and co-founder, Veterans for Common Sense * Lt. Colonel GRETCHEN VANEK, a veteran of the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. * Colonel LARRY WILLIAMS, served 27 years in Marine Corps including in Vietnam and Beirut. * Vice Admiral RALPH WEYMOUTH, Veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

These and other veteran signatories are available for interviews starting March 11. They are based in major cities, including Washington DC. All interview requests are being handled by electronic mail. If you are press, contact and include "PRESS REQUEST" in the subject heading.


Dear Mr. President:

We, the undersigned veterans who have served our country in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the 1991 Gulf War and other military conflicts, respectfully request an opportunity to meet with you about the threat of war between the United States and Iraq.

Mr. President, we are patriotic citizens and veterans who respect the office of the President and the ethics and values binding us together as Americans.

As such, we feel duty-bound to share with you our serious concerns regarding issues of national security, the appropriate use of our military strength, and the health and welfare of our active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. Those of us who are veterans of the 1991 Gulf War can offer particular insight into the ongoing troubles in the Middle East, and the likely consequences of another war in that volatile region.

A dozen years ago, we helped liberate Kuwait from Iraqi occupation, and in the course of combat operations came face to face with brutality and the consequences of modern warfare. We learned how unpredictable the nature of war can be. And we learned that war-related losses are not simply experienced on the battlefield.

Following the 1991 Gulf War, we collectively failed to prevent Saddam Hussein's violent repression of a popular uprising and the unprecedented refugee flight that ensued. As a result, tens of thousands of innocent civilians died. In addition to those deaths, the war and immediate post-war conditions resulted in the excess deaths of 46,900 children under the age of five, according to the New England Journal of Medicine (September 24, 1992).

Over the long term, the 1991 Gulf War has had a lasting, detrimental impact on the health of countless people in the region, and on the health of American men and women who served there. Twelve years after the conflict, over 164,000 American Gulf War veterans are now considered disabled by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. That number increases daily.

The possibility of large-scale war between the U.S. and Iraq looms before us once again. For this urgent reason we would like to meet with you to discuss steps the United States and its allies can take to protect U.S. soldiers, allied forces, and Iraqi civilians from known and suspected hazards that would result from military operations.

We understand the risks that come with war and that there are times when such risks are necessary. However, we strongly question the need for a war at this time. Despite Secretary of State Colin Powell's report to the Security Council and the testimony of others in the administration, we are not convinced that coercive containment has failed, or that war has become necessary.

Our own intelligence agencies have consistently noted both the absence of an imminent threat from Iraq and reliable evidence of cooperation between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Again, we question whether this is the right time and the right war.

Further, we believe the risks involved in going to war, under the unclear and shifting circumstances that confront us today, are far greater than those faced in 1991. Instead of a desert war to liberate Kuwait, combat would likely involve protracted siege warfare, chaotic street-to-street fighting in Baghdad, and Iraqi civil conflict. If that occurs, we fear our own nation and Iraq would both suffer casualties not witnessed since Vietnam. We fear the resulting carnage and humanitarian consequences would further devastate Iraqi society and inflame an already volatile Middle East, and increase terrorism against U.S. citizens.

Our concerns about the potential human and material costs of a military conflict in Iraq are well substantiated. In the event of a war, the UN warns that 1.26 million children under the age of 5 in Iraq will be at risk of death. Within the initial weeks of conflict, the World Health Organization estimates 500,000 Iraqis would need immediate medical attention. Ten million Iraqis would need immediate humanitarian assistance and over 2 million Iraqis would be made homeless.

The scale of the crisis would be so large that the international community would be unable to prevent widespread suffering. For these reasons and more, it remains in our nation's best interest to avoid another war. The risk of excessive civilian casualties like those predicted by the UN pose a grave risk to our national security, making the U.S. more of a target of retaliatory attacks by terrorists.

Mr. President, as our Commander-in-Chief, we recognize the immense responsibility you have to protect our homeland and keep our nation secure. As veterans who honorably served our nation in its wars, we believe that our perspectives, knowledge and expertise can aid you at this crucial time, as you continue to deliberate on whether or not to commit our nation to war.

We therefore request a meeting at your earliest possible convenience. We look forward to any opportunity to come together with you to discuss the matters we have raised.

Sincerely, Vice Admiral Ralph Weymouth, USN, Retired Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan, USN, Retired Brigadier General Evelyn P. Foote, USA, Retired

Colonel David H. Hackworth, USA, Retired Colonel Larry Williams, USMC, Retired Colonel James E Unterseher, USA, Retired Colonel James B. Burkholder, USA, Retired Colonel Roger F. Strand, USAF, Retired Colonel Virginia A. Metcalf, USA, Retired Colonel Mary H. Yeakel, USA, Retired Colonel Henrik O. Lunde, USA, Retired Colonel Bruce S. Jarstfer, USA, Retired Colonel Thomas Patrick Chisholm, USA, Retired Colonel James Steven Chandler, USA Colonel James J. Kent, USA, Retired Colonel Grace E. Squires, USA, Retired Colonel Carol Anne O'Donnell, USA, Retired

Captain Kris Kristofferson, USA, Retired Captain Thomas C. Tindall Jr., USNR, Retired Captain Herbert A. Blough, USN, Retired Captain M. David Preston, USCG

Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth K. McGillicuddy, USMC, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Ron T. Coley, USMC, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Walter M. Langford, USAF, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Ben T. Granade, Jr., USAF, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Frank L. Houde, USAF, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Richard M. Renfro, USA, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Gretchen T. Vanek, USA, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Richard L. Schmitt, USAF, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Vernon E. Whitney, USA, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Graydon Causey, USAF, Retired Lieutenant Colonel William R. Smith, USAF, Retired Lieutenant Colonel David C. Dellinger, USCG, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Anne N. Philiben, USA, Retired Lieutenant Colonel James A. Adams, Jr., USAF, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Eldridge Pate, USA, Retired Lieutenant Colonel William J. Jacobs, USA, Retired Commander Robert A. Wood, USNR, Retired Commander John J. Kaso, USN, Retired Commander Eugene M. Maresca, USNR, Retired Commander William H. Busse, USNR, Retired Commander David Bailey, USCG, Retired Commander Philip Butler, Ph.D., USN, Retired Commander Michael A. Kennedy, USN, Retired Commander Theodore I. Bahn, USN, Retired Commander Theodore Curtin, USN, Retired Lieutenant Commander Daniel Fecko, USNR, Retired Lieutenant Commander Jim W. Turnage, M.D., M.P.H., USN Lieutenant Commander John Paul Brennan, USMC, Retired Lieutenant Commander Thomas A. Egleston, USN Lieutenant Commander Robert Swan Lawrence, USCG Lieutenant Commander Dennis C. Hayzlett, USN Lieutenant Commander Howard L. McFann, USN Lieutenant Commander Lawrence George Thorne, USN Lieutenant Commander David H. Gundy, USN

Major Kenneth E. Mayers, Ph.D., USMCR, Retired Major Thomas J. Treadway, USA, Retired Major William McEwan Cross, USA Major Donald McNellis, USAF Major Jon Bjornson, MD, USA, Retired Major James W. Strader, USAF Major Dean Wilson, USA, Retired Major Willie Fuller, Jr., USAF, Retired Major Ford A. Anderson, USAF, Retired Chaplain Major Kenneth J. Nettles, Ph.D., USAF, Retired Major Christopher M. Robinson, USA, Retired Major Heidrun Mlodzik, USAF, Retired Major William D. Cooke, USA Major Mark W. Gieringer, USAF, Retired Major Jon Bjornson, MD, USA Major James E. Kinzer, USAF, Retired Major Johan M. S. Muller, USAF, Retired

Captain William Clifford Ellerman, USA Captain Paul A. Hellweg, USA Captain Jerry Dowling, USA Captain David P. Leaf, USA Captain James C. Ryan, USA Captain Charles P. Dillon, USA Captain James Clayton Lockwood, USA, Retired Captain Daryl Hobbs, USA Captain Raymond E. Kemble, USA Captain Herbert S Hathcock, USA, Retired Captain Dr. Delphia M. Clarke, USA Captain John R Phelan, USA Captain Bert A. Bender, USA Captain Simeon K. Heninger, Jr., USA Captain Philip Zipser, USA, Retired Captain Dorothy Pakula Whittaker, USA Captain Thomas N. Stern, USA Captain Dan W. Holbrook, USA Captain David Berlin Eye, USA Captain Robert Joel Master, USA Captain Brenda Lasarzig, USA Captain James J. Jablonski, USA Captain Robert W. Ferrell, USA, Retired Captain Bob Gaiek, USA Captain John L. Long, USAF Captain John J. Blase, USAF Captain John Lovejoy, USAF Captain Troy Carlyle, USAF Captain Lawrence Hugh Boyd, USAF Captain Theodore T Odell, USAF Captain Gregg A. Matous, USAF Captain Larry T Harnish, USAF Captain Karl Schmitt, USAF Captain Hugh F Cline, USAF, Retired Captain Kathryn J. Hammond, USAF Captain Neal F Bowyer, USAF Captain Lucia Jameson, USAF Captain Michael L. Glenn, USAF Captain Landon Kimbrough, USAF, Retired Captain David Louis Harris, USAF Captain Karl W. Frederick, USAF Captain Vincent Phelps Ward, USAF Captain Carlo S. Ascari, USAF Captain Robert Gregg Chilton, USAF Captain George Georgieff, DDS, USAF Captain Joe Stern, USAF Captain Steven Dellaporta, USMC, Retired Captain Wesley Scott Hannon, USMC Captain Fred Johnson, USMC, Retired Captain Thomas T. Carpenter, USMC

Lieutenant Thomas M. Liston USN Lieutenant John Dobson West USN Lieutenant Jerome P. Wallingford USN Lieutenant David Felix USN Lieutenant Michael Jay Herbert USN Lieutenant John Orrin Purkey USN Lieutenant Ricki J. Estes USN Lieutenant Walter E. Ziegenhals USN Lieutenant Frank Lloyd Kramer, Jr. USN Lieutenant Harvey Bennett USN Lieutenant William R. Jones USN Lieutenant Gilbert Marek Zemansky USN Lieutenant Jordan R. Carpenter USN Lieutenant Gerald A Burnett USN Lieutenant John Edward Houx USN Lieutenant Michael Bruce Elder USN Lieutenant Kenneth L. Lang USN Lieutenant Francis C. Zanger (Chaplain Corps) USN Lieutenant Michelle Birdseye, M.D. USN Lieutenant Robert James Bournique USN Lieutenant Glen N. Foss USN Lieutenant Benjamin Senauer USN Lieutenant Chris Gleason USMC Lieutenant Douglas Timothy McGetchin USMC Lieutenant John Stoddard Glascock Senior USCG Lieutenant Albert C. Germann USAF Lieutenant Timothy L. Hanley USAF Lieutenant John T. Urban USAF Lieutenant William Henry Reynolds USAF Lieutenant J.E.O'Kelly McCluskey USAF Lieutenant Alex Wormser USAF Lieutenant William Spencer Hall USAF Lieutenant Roderick D Raabe USAF Lieutenant Roger Fitch USAF Lieutenant Dr. Charles DeFreitas USAF Lieutenant Barry Wolfer USAF Lieutenant Robert Lowell Hickerson USAF Lieutenant Danny Paul Dennis USAF Lieutenant John Milton Wallace USA Lieutenant Steven Richard Cartwright USA Lieutenant Robert F. Hornbeck USA Lieutenant Richard Kenny Sink USA Lieutenant Donald Pinkel USA Lieutenant James F Balderson USA Lieutenant Steven Eli Schanes USA Lieutenant Hugh Scanlen USA Lieutenant Barry Dixon Copp USA Lieutenant Ellie Kennedy USA Lieutenant Todd Stuart Kneeland USA Lieutenant Charles DePuy USA Lieutenant Patrick Maurice Flannery USA Lieutenant Dennis Spector USA Lieutenant Alta J. Minthorn Stephens USA Lieutenant Henry W. Plohr USA Lieutenant Michael J. Sebetich USA Lieutenant John DuBois USA Lieutenant Harold Glickman USA Lieutenant James L. Sheehan USA Lieutenant David L. Harten USA Lieutenant Randall Joel Hain USA Lieutenant Gary Eschman USA Lieutenant Roger Simon USA Lieutenant Robert Lloyd Stebbins USA Lieutenant Reysha Silverhair, formerly Hoyt Sherman Griffith USA Lieutenant Douglas Parker Shaw USA Lieutenant William M. Whitby USA Lieutenant Robert W. Buttel USA Lieutenant Thomas W. Shepard, Jr. USA Lieutenant William J. Simmons, Sr. USA Lieutenant Robert M. Land, USA Lieutenant Edmund William Hoelker, USAF Lieutenant Junior Grade Arthur Lewis Solomon, USCG Lieutenant Junior Grade Joe Martin Cantrell, USN Lieutenant Junior Grade Richard Ralph Groseclose, USN Lieutenant Junior Grade Robert A. Collins, USCG Lieutenant Junior Grade Bruce S. Ertle, USN Lieutenant Junior Grade Charles H Nadler, USN Lieutenant Junior Grade Richard Fredrick Hickey, USN Lieutenant Junior Grade Gregory H. Carter, USN Lieutenant Junior Grade Jeff Markell, USCG Lieutenant Junior Grade John Ise Jr, USN Lieutenant Junior Grade DeWitt Linn Sage, USN Lieutenant Junior Grade Craig A. Bicknell, USN Lieutenant Junior Grade Charlton M. Lewis, USN

Command Sergeant Major Robert Grover Smith, Jr., USA, Retired Aerographer's mate third class Alice B. Gilmore, USN Airman Albert W. Wilson, USAF Airman Aram Attarian II, USAF Airman Cheryl Davis, USA Airman David Alan Dix, USAF Airman French Tickner, USN Airman Irvan F. Adams, USAF Airman James F. McGowen, USN Airman James J. Hogan, USAF Airman John Paul Coakley, USAF Airman John Stephen Pielaszczyk, USAF Airman Joseph S. Sims, USAF Airman Joseph Wistar Huey III, USAF Airman Lewis Kirk, USAF Airman Mark Torrey, USAF Airman Mazie H. Todd (Rogers), USAF Airman Merl Moncer, USAF Airman Michael P.Corridon, USAF Airman Michael R. Philiben, USAF Airman Pedro Rivera, USAF Airman Philip G. Brown, USAF Airman Robert J. Hoffmeister, USAF Airman Robert T.Hogan, USAF Airman Roger Peirce, USAF Airman Ronald Bostick, USAF Airman Steven T Raynis, USAF Airman Timothy Charles Frazer, USAF Airman William H. Davis, USAF Airman William J Leary, USAF Aviation Ordnanceman 3/C John Howard Beam, USN

Chief Master Sergeant USAF Donald H. Kroeber, USAF, Retired Chief Petty Officer Art Baskel, USN Chief Petty Officer Art Rogers, USN Chief Petty Officer Bart Coyle, USAF Chief Petty Officer Joanna M. Clark, USN Chief Petty Officer Kenneth R. Davis, USN, Retired Chief Petty Officer Richard L. Weiche, USN, Retired Chief Petty Officer William Bennett, USN Chief Warrant Officer Frank V. Santos, USA, Retired Chief Warrant Officer Robert O'Donnell, USN, Retired Chief Warrant Officer Scott A. Wendt, USA, Retired Corporal Abel Perez Ochoa, USA Corporal Alfred Herrada, USA Corporal Arthur T. Cannon, USA Corporal Bernard H. Soffer, USA, Retired Corporal Brian X Fitzgibbon, USMC Corporal Charles Weyand Heitsch, USA Corporal Cora Tula Watters, USMC Corporal Daniel E. Meurin, USA Corporal Daniel Miller, USAF Corporal Daniel V. Herrera, USMC Corporal David Shupp, USA Corporal Don F. Hull, USA Corporal Ernest Goitein, USA Corporal Fred Pipkin, USA Corporal George J. Bryjak, USMC Corporal George S. Sutherland, USA, Retired Corporal George Valle Jr., USA Corporal Gregory Gerald Boyer, USMC Corporal Harold G. Schneider, USA Corporal Heather Radcliffe, USMC Corporal Herman Milton Heyn, USA Corporal Jack Earl Holman, USA Corporal Jerry D. Riley, USA Corporal John A Ragsdale, USA Corporal John Banagan, USA Corporal John F. Beirne, USA, Retired Corporal John L. Schweitzer, USA Corporal John Maxwell Gault, USA Corporal John P. Thomson, USA, Retired Corporal Joseph R. Attamante, USMC Corporal Lloyd D.Beery, Junior, USA Corporal Manus J Campbell, USMC Corporal Marvin Kantor, USMC Corporal Maurice Bender, Ph.D., USA Corporal Michael Czarnecki, USA Corporal Michael E. Stewart, USMC Corporal Michael H. Riordan, USMC Corporal Noel H. Bransford, USMC Corporal Norman F. Williams Jr., USMC Corporal Paul G. Zolbrod, USA Corporal Philip S. Miller, USA Corporal Ralph Wessel, USAF Corporal Randy Belden, USMC Corporal Richard Lyon Castner, USA Corporal robert e richards, USMC, Retired Corporal Robert F. Bisson, USA Corporal Robert Kinsey, USMC Corporal Robert Richard Barracca, USA Corporal Stephen George Fournier, USMC, Retired Corporal Stewart Nusbaumer, USMC, Retired Corporal Temur Perkins, USMC Corporal Theodore Radamaker, USA Corporal Thomas C. Gale, USA Corporal Thomas E. Simmons Jr., USMC Corporal Thomas L.Vassilaros, USA Corporal Vinnie Van Wyen, USMC Corporal William Paul Williamson, Jr., USMC Corporal William R. Stanton, USMC Corporal William Roland Bailey, USA Corporal Yoshiro Sanbonmatsu, USA Corporal Ziskind R. Lieb, USA E-5 Medical Specialist James Clinton Wright, USA Ensign Kenneth Martin Stevenson, USN Ensign Richard A. Laurick, USN Ensign roxy hills, USA Ensign Thomas A. Toomey, USN, Retired Ensign William A. Swain III, USN, Retired First Lieutenant Paul W Morgan, USA First Lieutenant Richard E. Albert , USA First Sergeant Dennis W. Smith, USA, Retired First Sergeant Mary Lou Mayes, USAF Gunners Mate 3rd Class James Starowicz, USN Gunnery Sergeant Robert W. Carman, USMC Gunnery Sergeant Robert W. White, USAF Hospital Corpsman Norman T. Davis, USN, Retired Hospital Corpsman Donald A. Blickens, USN Hospital Corpsman Thomas Richard Imboden, USN Hospitalman Raymond E. Chamberlain III, USN Lance Corporal Bob M. Tanner, Jr., USMC Lance Corporal Donald Dean Hedgepeth, USMC Lance Corporal Gary Akito Maehara, USMC Lance Corporal Jerome Garger, USMC Lance Corporal Roy Edward Stanford, USMC Lance Corporal Thomas Melchior, USA Lance Corporal Tom Blanchard, USMC Master Chief Petty Officer E. Victor Mereski, USN, Retired Master Chief Petty Officer Larry Bucher, USN, Retired Master Sergeant Adam DeLuna, USA, Retired Master Sergeant Anthony M. D'Amato, USA, Retired Master Sergeant Anthony M. D'Amato, USA, Retired Master Sergeant Charlie Day, USAF, Retired Master Sergeant Curtis R. Campbell, USAF, Retired Master Sergeant James T. Dunn, USA, Retired Master Sergeant Larry B. Daniels, USAF, Retired Master Sergeant Linda Wilkins-Daniels, USAF, Retired Master Sergeant Louis W. Bender, USA Master Sergeant Mark D. Brooks, USAF, Retired Master Sergeant Michael Cosenza, USAF, Retired Master Sergeant Scott W. Kirby, USAF, Retired Master Sergeant Wilmar F. Bernthal, USA, Retired Operations Specialist James Steven Clement, USN Personnelman Richard Almy Wortman Ph. D., USN Petty Officer 2nd Class Alberto Sifuentes, USN Petty Officer Al Heisler, USN Petty Officer Albert L. Rankin, USN Petty Officer Alton J. Travland, USN Petty Officer Benjamin Isaac Taylor, USN Petty Officer Bill Lewis, USN Petty Officer Charles F. Nawrocki, USN Petty Officer Charles J. Shoens, USN Petty Officer Charles Lewis Yates, USN Petty Officer Craig Simpson, USN Petty Officer Dan Onerheim, USN Petty Officer Daniel Jacobson, USN Petty Officer Dave Edwards, USN Petty Officer David C. Smith, USN Petty Officer David Ralph Travis, USN Petty Officer David W. Martin, USN Petty Officer Donald Ball, USN, Retired Petty Officer Donald Graves, USN Petty Officer Dr. Roland von Huene, USN Petty Officer Duane Douglas Crimmins, USN Petty Officer Duane Douglas Crimmins, USN Petty Officer First Class Alexis T Bell, USN Petty Officer First Class Christian Francis Curry, USN Petty Officer First Class Dennis L. Elleflot, USN, Retired Petty Officer First Class Louise Leonard, USN Petty Officer First Class Norman R. Brown, USN Petty Officer First Class Richard William Zeiner, USN Petty Officer First Class Robert C. Haines, USN Petty Officer First Class Robert Lawrence Mead, USCG, Retired Petty Officer First Class Ron Cleeve, USN Petty Officer First Class Terry Wayne Wilson, USN Petty Officer Floyd Hallberg, USN Petty Officer Francis E. Hanisch, USN Petty Officer Francis J. Powers, USN Petty Officer Franklin James Cole Gwartney III, USN Petty Officer Gene Whitney, USN Petty Officer George E. Davis, USN Petty Officer James Clemons Parkinson, USN, Retired Petty Officer James E. Gregg, USN Petty Officer James M. Lewis, USN, Retired Petty Officer James M. McIntyre, USN Petty Officer James Rex Baird, USN Petty Officer James V. Long, USN Petty Officer Janine E. Sotomayor, USN Petty Officer Jay Earl Anderson, Jr., USMC Petty Officer Jean L Stimmell, USN Petty Officer Jerzy M. Brozyna, USN Petty Officer John Dainotto, USN Petty Officer John L. Ebel, USN Petty Officer Jon Norstog, USCG Petty Officer Jose L. Romero, USN Petty Officer Joseph A. Bedell, USN Petty Officer Kenneth B. Bever Jr., USN Petty Officer Kevin J. Lenaghan, USN Petty Officer Larry L. Williams, USN Petty Officer LEO F. SCHWEITZER JR, USN Petty Officer Leo R. Sandy, Ed.D., NCSP, USN Petty Officer Louis Schwartz, USN, Retired Petty Officer Louis Martin Sinniger, USN Petty Officer Louis Schwartz, USN, Retired Petty Officer Lynn Burriss Webler, USN Petty Officer Max Elliot, USN Petty Officer Michael Craig, USN Petty Officer Michael M. Chevalier, USN Petty Officer Pat Chefalo, USN Petty Officer Patrick Arthur Ouellette, USN Petty Officer Philip Perry, USN Petty Officer Richard J Thomas, USN Petty Officer Richard J. Shorthouse, USN Petty Officer Richard Ora Moore, USN, Retired Petty Officer Robert Rostedt, USN Petty Officer Robert Topmiller, USN Petty Officer Robert Vernon Hill, USN Petty Officer Roberta Rose Bailey, USN Petty Officer Roger Dale Phillips II, USN Petty Officer Ronald Edward Dyer, USN Petty Officer Ronald Mills Gerughty, USN Petty Officer Ronald Salvo, USN Petty Officer Russell J. Buckardt, USN Petty Officer Samuel Devereaux Hathaway, USN, Retired Petty Officer Second Class Bruce S Cotton, USN Petty Officer Second Class Darrell G. Miller, USN Petty Officer Second Class Gary K. Grice, Jr., USN Petty Officer Second Class George Chandler, USN Petty Officer Second Class George Edward Hammerbeck, USN Petty Officer Second Class Joseph Thomas Miller, USN Petty Officer Sidney M. Peck , USN, Retired Petty Officer Stephen M. Osborn, USN Petty Officer Stuart Naismith, USN Petty Officer Third Class Dale Wayne Allen, USN Petty Officer Third Class Robert Keilbach, USN Petty Officer Thomas Michael Kumpf, USN Petty Officer Tod Chester TIbbetts, USN Petty Officer Todd Philip Feiler, USN, Retired Petty Officer Violet Dawn Colley, USN Petty Officer William O. Jenkins, USCG Petty Officer Wolfgang H. Rosenberg, USN Pharmacists Mate 1st class Paul Charles Obler, USN Private Christopher H. Barben, USN Private David M. 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Polley, USA Sergeant Francis Peter Juranic, USAF Sergeant Frank Pizzardi, USAF Sergeant Fredy Champagne, USA Sergeant Gary L. Thomas, USA Sergeant Gerald Kennedy, USA Sergeant Gilbert Charles Gordon Jr., USA Sergeant Gregory Storm Cunningham, USA Sergeant Harold Schwartz, USA Sergeant Harry P. Brown, USA Sergeant Henry I. Bornstein, USAF Sergeant Henry Peterson, USA Sergeant James A. Wilson, USA Sergeant James Gordon Nelson, USA Sergeant James Landrith, USMC Sergeant James Otto Daubenberger III, USA Sergeant Jerry D. Gilley, USAF Sergeant Jerry Genesio, USMC Sergeant Joe A. Blocher, USA Sergeant John A. Keggler Junior, USA Sergeant John DiFusco, USAF Sergeant John Houlihan, USA Sergeant John M Hubble, USAF Sergeant John P. Haslinger, USAF Sergeant John W Covey, USAF Sergeant Joseph A. Rosado, USAF Sergeant Katherine I. Menges, USA Sergeant Lawrence Joseph Griffin, USA, Retired Sergeant Leona Maltz, USMC Sergeant Lloyd Eugene Wagner, USAF Sergeant Major Frank J. Rankins, USA, Retired Sergeant Major Jerry (Roger) Ferragallo, USAF Sergeant Marcus Jansen, USA, Retired Sergeant Mark douglas Ivey, USA Sergeant Mark Raymond Dongu , USA Sergeant Michael Antares, USA Sergeant Michael Antares, USAF Sergeant Michael Gerard McIntosh, USAF Sergeant Neil Stuart, USAF Sergeant Oliver V. Hines, USA Sergeant Orville O. Gilmore, USA Sergeant Paul Cox, USMC Sergeant Philip A. Prichard, USA Sergeant Ralph T. Conroy, USA Sergeant Raymond Bentman, USA Sergeant Raymond L Strischek, USMC Sergeant Raymond Reed Hardy, USA Sergeant Rebecca S. McAlary, USA Sergeant Richard Beck Peacock, USMC, Retired Sergeant Richard Egenriether, USA Sergeant Richard Gillock, USMC Sergeant Richard L. Tradewell, USA Sergeant Richard S. Fye, USA Sergeant Rick Venturi, USAF Sergeant Robert A. Fischer, USA Sergeant Robert O. Shaw, USMC Sergeant Rodney James Owen, USA, Retired Sergeant Russell Scott Stoermer, USA Sergeant Sean Antonio Rosas, USA Sergeant Seth Pollack, USA Sergeant Stephen Constantine Demos, USMC Sergeant Steven Schauer, USAF Sergeant Susan K Metheny, USAF Sergeant Theodore James Schapp, USA Sergeant Thomas Barnes, Jr., USA Sergeant Thomas D. Voigts, USAF Sergeant Timothy D. Lord, USAF Sergeant Timothy R. Mc Grady, USA Sergeant Victoria J D Lewis, USAF Sergeant William C. Watson, USAF Sergeant William D. Hoffman, USA Sergeant William Joseph Appel, USAF Sergeant William Max Hooks, USAF Sergeant William Robert Smiddie, USA SP-5 E-5 Garreth L. Sanders, USA Specialist 3 Ralph Conrad Hohneke, USA, Retired Specialist 4 Winson C. Hinkle, USA Specialist 4th Class George P. Russell, USA Specialist 5 Bernstein, Simon L., USA Specialist 5th Class Thomas J. Worrell, USA Specialist Al Knickerbocker, USA Specialist Albert R. Kallock Jr., USA Specialist Anthony Lawrence Aiello, Jr, USA Specialist Arthur Lisciandro, USA Specialist Barry Warren Riesch, USA Specialist Bernard L. Edelman, USA Specialist Bertus E. Nederlof, USA Specialist Betty Read Scott, USN Specialist Blaine C. Gaustad, USA Specialist Brian M. Davis, USA Specialist Bruce Day Macdonald, USA Specialist Byron A. Metcalf, USA Specialist Candy Sweet Lovett, USA, Retired Specialist Carl B. Courtnier, USA Specialist Charles Marsh, USA Specialist Charles Naef, USA Specialist Christian J. Arnold, USA Specialist Christopher Michael Turner, USA Specialist Christopher T. Lavone, USA Specialist Clark Buffington Lohr, USA Specialist Clyda M. Jackson, USA Specialist Constance Mantini, USA Specialist Dahrl H. Bartlett, USA Specialist Dan Gomez, USA Specialist Daniel Pourkesali, USA, Retired Specialist David A. Kisslring, USA Specialist David Jon Damstrom, USA Specialist David L. Curley, USA Specialist David Maxwell Young, USA Specialist David O. Depker, USA Specialist David Ray Roop, USA Specialist Dennis A. Good, USA Specialist Dennis Leslie Storm, USA Specialist Desmond P. Glynn, USA Specialist Donna Barr, USA Specialist Douglas M. Troutman, USA Specialist Douglas Ward, USA, Retired Specialist Dwayne Knox, USA Specialist Edward Mikel, USA Specialist Edwin G. Bergmann, USA Specialist Fifth Class Richard E Klosterman, USA Specialist Five Patrice Titterington, USA Specialist Floyd Striegel, USA Specialist Frank Griglonis, USA Specialist Frank Zinno, USA Specialist Fred M. Donner, Ph.D., USA Specialist Frederic Morrison, USA Specialist Gary A. Chipman, USA Specialist Gary Horne, USA Specialist Gary L. Davis, USA Specialist Gary P. Novosielski, USA Specialist Gary Schark, USA Specialist George F. Gladis, USA Specialist George John Asimos, USA Specialist George P. Seaman, USA Specialist Gerald R Perdue, USA Specialist Giovanni Vassallo, USA Specialist Ivory Leondias Shortt, USN Specialist J. Clayson Dennis, USA Specialist James Gregory Sutherland, USA Specialist James LaFate Griffin, USA Specialist James Twomey, USA Specialist James W. Amato Jr., USA Specialist James Welms, USA Specialist Jan E. Smith, USA Specialist Jeffrey Herman, USA Specialist Jeffrey Lawrence Bauman, USA Specialist Jimmy Dwain Parks, Ph.D., USA Specialist Joe Carlos Aguirre, USA Specialist John Harry Shockley, USA Specialist John J. Gee, USA Specialist John K. Jessup Jr., USA Specialist John Lawrence, USA Specialist John M West, USA Specialist John Russell Storbeck, USA Specialist John T. Hughes Jr., USA Specialist Jon H. Larimore, USA Specialist Joseph C. Galbreath, USA Specialist Joseph Cassidy, USA Specialist Joseph J. Cieplak, USA Specialist Karen Rytlewski, USA Specialist Kenneth Edward Nelson, USA Specialist Kenneth James Dawe, USA Specialist Kenneth Martin Stevenson III, USA Specialist Kenneth R. Smith, USA Specialist Kenneth R. Smith, USA Specialist Leanne Senter-Barbour, USA Specialist Leanne Senter-Barbour, USA Specialist Les Dabney, USA Specialist Malcolm Brown, USA Specialist Martin Ray Mills, USA Specialist Matthew Charles Plummer, USA Specialist Merri Elizabeth Keeton, USA Specialist Michael Alan Fox, USA Specialist Michael Baxter, USA Specialist Michael C. Lund, USA Specialist Michael Earl Baker, USA Specialist Michael Edwin Crider, USA Specialist Michael F. Zello, USA Specialist Michael Lawrence Job, USA Specialist Mike Budd, USA Specialist Neil David Harrison, USA Specialist Nikki Coyote, USA Specialist Owen Berio, USA Specialist Patricia A. Oliver, USA Specialist Patrick Joseph Gilligan, USA Specialist Paul B. Cumpian, USA, Retired Specialist Paul Campbell Imrie, USA, Retired Specialist Philip Edward Dynan, USA Specialist Ralph Chandler Daniels II, USA Specialist Ralph E. Manon, USA Specialist Richard Adams Lyon, USA Specialist Richard Graham Crerie Jr., USA Specialist Richard J. Bourgeois, USA Specialist Richard R. Wall (now Richard W. Frieden), USA Specialist Richard Stuart, USA, Retired Specialist Robert A. Gould, USA Specialist Robert E Hebrank, USA Specialist Robert Hammers Stagg, USA Specialist Robert Layton, USA, Retired Specialist Robert McNulty, USA Specialist Robert Samson Bloch, USA, Retired Specialist Robert W. Reilly, USA Specialist Rodger A. Herbst, USA Specialist Roger J. Nittler, USA Specialist Ronald Edmund Ambes, USA Specialist Russel Hickman, USA Specialist Samuel William French, USN, Retired Specialist Stephen Arnold Martin, USA Specialist Stephen Christopher Jacobs, USA Specialist Stephen D Purnell, USA Specialist Steve Tudisco, USA Specialist Steven Andrew Black, USA Specialist Terence M. Lenaghan, USA Specialist Theodore W. Ketcham, USA Specialist Thomas Cederquist, USA Specialist Toby Tahja-Syrett, USA Specialist Tom Gibson, USA Specialist Troy Thomas Heikkala, USA Specialist Wallace Woolfenden, USA Specialist William H Marchant, USA Specialist William H Miller, USA Specialist William J. McManus, USA Specialist William Monroe Campbell, USA Specialist William R Wofford, USA Specialist William Rivera, USA Specialist Zbynek Hakos, USA Staff Sergeant Arthur O. Washburn, USAF Staff Sergeant Arthur S. Johnson, III, USAF Staff Sergeant Brad Walden, USA Staff Sergeant Carroll R. Thomas, USA Staff Sergeant Daniel W. Warvi, USA Staff Sergeant David T. Gray, USAF Staff Sergeant David Zapsky, USAF Staff Sergeant Gary E Kelly, USA Staff Sergeant Gatch N. Maxey , USAF Staff Sergeant Harold A. Schiffman, USA Staff Sergeant Henry Beverly, USA Staff Sergeant Jeremy Otis, USA Staff Sergeant Jimmie L. Wright, USAF Staff Sergeant John C. Salzsieder, USA Staff Sergeant John Edward Niemi, USA Staff Sergeant John H. Redue, Jr, USAF Staff Sergeant John Lischalk, USA Staff Sergeant John Olaf Frakie, USAF Staff Sergeant John V. Chambers, USAF Staff Sergeant Joseph Clarke Van Dine, USAF Staff Sergeant Kathleen May Alley, USAF Staff Sergeant Kevin Bokay, USA, Retired Staff Sergeant Marcell Norbert Benoit, USAF Staff Sergeant Mary Ann Parker, USAF Staff Sergeant Millard Vincent Turner, USAF Staff Sergeant Philip Bradford Cobb, USAF Staff Sergeant Philip D. Yarter, USAF Staff Sergeant Randall Richard Platt, USA Staff Sergeant Raymond LeRoy Ensley, USAF Staff Sergeant Robert D. Pilkey, USAF Staff Sergeant Rollin Lind, USA Staff Sergeant Russell W. Thompson, USAF Staff Sergeant Ruth M. Saffry, USA, Retired Staff Sergeant Sharon Haller, USAF Staff Sergeant Stanley J. Bass, USAF Staff Sergeant Terry Gabrich, USA, Retired Staff Sergeant Thomas Nuzum, USAF Staff Sergeant Thomas Richard Judd, USAF Staff Sergeant William Cody Reynolds, Jr., USA Staff Sergeant William Stanwood, USAF Technical Sergeant Bill ONeil, USA Technical Sergeant Daniel D. Scarlett, USA Technical Sergeant Douglas Lloyd Perrin, USA Technical Sergeant Eliot Freidson, USA Technical Sergeant Gayle E. Woodul, USAF Technical Sergeant George J. Feigenbaum, USAF, Retired Technical Sergeant Harvey Wheeler, USA, Retired Technical Sergeant Joseph C. Behm, USA Technical Sergeant Joseph J. Needleman, USA Technical Sergeant Joseph J. Perlongo, USA Technical Sergeant Richard T. Nordland, USAF Technical Sergeant Robert L. Bloch, USAF Technical Sergeant Robert S Frederick, USA Technical Sergeant Stephen H. Eddy, USAF Technical Sergeant Steven Albert Beatty, USAF Technician Fifth Class Elihu Edelson, USA Technician Fifth Grade Paul Rogers Barstow, USA Warrant Officer III Lavelle Amos Ormsbee, USA

Specialist David Cortright, USA Specialist Charles Sheehan-Miles, USA Specialist Erik Gustafson, USA Ensign Daniel Fahey, USN Sergeant Erin Cole, USA Lieutenant Barry Romo, USA Private First Class John Zutz, USA Private First Class David Cline, USA Airman First Class Woody Powell, USAF

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