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MARCH 3, 2003
4:18 PM

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Cat David,
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Student, Faith and Labor Groups Join Moratorium
WASHINGTON - March 3 - As part of the ongoing commitment to peace and justice, a diverse group of organizations has united for a National Moratorium to Stop The War to take place this Wednesday, March 5. Bringing together students, labor groups and communities of faith, the Moratorium will draw attention to a “war that will last a generation” by stopping business as usual.

The Moratorium will build upon the momentum of the massive worldwide protests of February 15th by creating a series of local events throughout the country, which together express a unified statement against the imminent war with Iraq. Massive walkouts across the nation as a display of solidarity will illustrate the broad spectrum of those opposed to war.

The New York Labor Against War coalition has stated, “War will inevitably harm countless innocent civilians, strengthen our alliances with brutal dictatorships and deepen global poverty.”

Walkouts are expected to take place in hundreds of schools nationwide including over 30 in Los Angeles alone. In addition, several events and marches will take place across the country. In Los Angeles, the Interfaith Communities for Justice and Peace will gather at the Federal Building. In the Bay Area, banners and signs will designate “no war zones” along commuting routes. In Chicago, workers will join hands to form a chain of resistance on city sidewalks. Outside Cleveland, a high school will hold open debates in an all-day assembly in lieu of classes. In New York, a teach-in at Hunter College, a draw-in at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a candlelight march for peace will take place as well as a performance event sponsored by Not In Our Name (NION).

Laura, a NION youth and student organizer, said the Moratorium is “a means for youth to communicate our opposition to this war in a very determined and planned way.” She added, “We are taking action because we have to ask ourselves what kind of world we want our children to grow up in.”

NION, who called for the Moratorium, is a national network resisting the international aggression, attacks on civil liberties, and profiling, roundups, and detentions of immigrants that have taken place since September 11. The NION Pledge of Resistance states, “Not in our name will you invade countries, bomb civilians, kill more children, letting history take its course over the graves of the nameless.” (Full text viewable at

Pax Christi USA, part of the international Catholic peace movement, stated, “In concert with many other peace and justice groups, PCUSA invites Christians everywhere to ‘strike’ for peace – no work, no cars, no television, no shopping, and no classes.”

Moratorium organizers said, “The joining of students, labor, and faith groups on this day reflects a new cooperation around the cause of stopping the war on Iraq.”


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