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AUGUST 28, 2002
12:28 AM
CONTACT:  United for Peace
Jason Mark (415) 558-9490
Andrea Buffa (415) 255-7296
Cell: (510) 325-3653
United for Peace: More Than 100 "Peace Events" in 36 States Planned for Week of Sept 11
International peace leaders, including Nobel Prize Winner Oscar Arias and Gandhi grandson Arun Gandhi, join call for Sept. 11 commemoration events that say no to terrorism and war

SAN FRANCISCO - August 26 - In response to a call from U.S. peace and human rights organizations, communities throughout the United States and the world are planning “peace events” to honor the people who died on Sept. 11, 2001. The event titles range from “work a day for peace” to “our grief is not a cry for war” to“from ground zero to common ground,” but what ties them together is their theme: working for a world without terrorism and war.

“The response to this idea has been overwhelming, in large part as a response to President Bush’s call for an attack of Iraq” said Medea Benjamin, founding director of San Francisco’s Global Exchange and a founder of United for Peace, the coalition of groups that put out the call for peace events. “In over 100 U.S. cities, as well as nearly a dozen foreign countries, people are honoring those who died on September 11 by calling for no more innocent victims.”

The astounding array of events are listed on the website They include overnight vigils, peace walks, fasts, concerts, art projects, donating the day’s wages to peace groups, and teach-ins about peace issues. The events are taking place from the big cities of New York and Los Angeles to the smaller towns of Boise, Idaho and Hood River, Oregon.

The explosion of peace organizing around September 11 marks the beginning of a new peace movement whose immediate goal is to stop the Bush Administration from going to war with Iraq. “It is possible to stop this war,” said Lynate Pettengil, a peace activist in Lawrence, Kansas. “If you and I stand up and let it be known that our country should not go to war with Iraq, and we join together with thousands of other women, men and children throughout the U.S. with this message, we will be heard.”

Endorsers of United for Peace include international peace leaders like Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatama Gandhi, and Nobel Peace Laureate and former President of Costa Rica Oscar Arias. “Many people who have lost loved ones to violence have come to the realization that only by planting the seeds of peace will their loss not have been in vain,” says Arias. United for Peace is also endorsed by September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, the National Coalition for Peace and Justice, Fellowship of Reconciliation, American Friends Service Committee, Peace Action, Veterans for Peace, and Global Exchange.


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