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AUGUST 14, 2002
11:43 AM
CONTACT:  Ralph Nader
Nader Praises McKinney's Support of Consumers
WASHINGTON - August 14 - Ralph Nader today praised Representative Cynthia McKinney of Georgia's 4th District, as one of the House of Representatives' strongest champions of consumers and workers.

"Representative McKinney has the courage to stand up against corporate and other special interests on legislation that really counts for low, moderate and middle income people in her district," Nader said. "In fact, her record of battling for the consumer and working people has earned her plaudits from public interest groups across the nation."

Nader pointed to the voting record compiled by Public Citizen which gives Representative McKinney a perfect 100 percent record on votes involving campaign finance reform, trade, Medicare, patients' bill of rights, workplace safety, energy and economic stimulus among other issues important to consumers.

Nader said he was particularly pleased to point to Representative McKinney's fight against efforts by banks, credit card companies, finance companies, automobile dealers, predatory lenders and gambling casinos to eliminate key protections for consumers who file for bankruptcy because of loss of jobs, large medical bills and other unforeseen economic hardships.

"The lending industry has poured millions of dollars into lobbying campaigns which would convert bankruptcy laws into a harsh punitive system that would push debt-stricken consumers into a virtual debtors' prison," Nader said. "To her great credit, Representative McKinney has been willing to defend consumers while many of her colleagues have caved to the pressure from the nation's largest financial institutions."

Nader said Representative McKinney's independent stands and willingness "to do the right thing", even in the face of sometimes heavy pressure from her colleagues and special interests, gives Georgia's 4th District a particularly strong voice in the House of Representatives.

"When Representative McKinney takes a strong pro-people stand, everyone knows that it is her considered judgment-not that of a lobbyist or a special interest poised to write a campaign check. Georgia's 4th District and the nation benefit from that independence," Nader said.


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