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AUGUST 7, 2002
7:07 PM
CONTACT: Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace (CCMEP)
Saira Hamidi Email:
Mobile: (303) 564-6852
Colorado Woman Joins in Nonviolent Palestinian and International Protest- Meets with Israeli Army Brutality
“The IDF reacted in force to the nonviolent protest”
NABLUS - August 7 - Boulder Resident Sam Messier participated in a nonviolent demonstration in Huwara along with hundreds of local Palestinian and international civilians. The village of Huwara has been under curfew for 2 years and has suffered greatly due to the heavy military presence. The Palestinian and internationals staged a peaceful, nonviolent protest of the curfew in attempt to gain access to food and medicine to the villagers. The Israeli army responded with violence using live fire, tear gas and sound grenades. “The IDF reacted in force to the nonviolent protest,” reports Messier via mobile phone from the town of Boreen. “Palestinians were beaten, shots were fired and at least one Palestinian had to be carried away from the protest. The only rock that was thrown was thrown by an Israeli settler at the Palestinians. The Palestinians never reacted with any violence.”

Half of the demonstration group decided to march back peacefully chanting and singing. Those that stayed were attacked by settlers and settler police. The peace activists were thrown into thorn bushes and Huwaida Arraf (USA) was thrown so hard she hit her head and was left unconscious for a short time. Adam Shapiro (USA) and an unknown Palestinian man were being held in a jeep on a settler road. Half decided to stay and block the jeep from leaving with the innocent civilians. The group was assured by the military that they would be allowed to retreat but then were attacked by the military and arrests were made. At this time the soldiers focused in on individuals and began beating and taking people from the group. They have taken Palestinians Ahmad Omar Abdel Aziz 19 and Walid Ata Baker 37 a glass factory worker. French nationals Pierre Coulon, Anne-Cecele Alligne, Benoit Granet, Phillipe Armaug, Satuima Armaug-Khimoum, Americans Adam Shapiro, Javier Cortez, and Charles Williams, and Irish national Salah Afifi have been taken to the Ariel settlement police station.


For more information in Nablus contact:
Sam Messier Jill Dreier
Email: Email:
Mobile: + 972 67 27 81 05 Mobile: +972 58 92 05 64

Coloradans Sam Messier and Jill Dreier are currently in Palestine as
delegates from the Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace (CCMEP). The Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace is dedicated to ending the US led sanctions and bombings against Iraq and ending American support for illegal occupation of Palestinian Territories and of the oppression of the Palestinian people by Israel, in accordance with International law.


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