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JULY 23, 2002
1:05 PM
CONTACT:  U.S. Public Interest Research Group
Pierre Sadik (202) 546-9707 x307
Statement of Pierre Sadik on President's Signing of Yucca Mountain Resolution
WASHINGTON - July 23 - We are extremely disappointed that the President signed a resolution today naming Yucca Mountain, Nevada as the site for the storage of some of the country's nuclear waste. It is tragic that the President is willing to put millions of Americans who live and commute along nuclear waste transport routes in harm's way.

The controversial project has been opposed by broad coalition of national groups representing doctors, teachers, parents of school children as well as environmentalists. However, industry executives spent lavishly to woo politicians and to mount a campaign disguising the fact that the Yucca Mountain project would seriously jeopardize public safety for millions of Americans. Industry executives see the project as vital in their desire to build more nuclear reactors, which produce highly radioactive waste for which there is no safe disposal option.

Yucca Mountain itself is in a zone intersected by 33 earthquake faults and is situated above an aquifer, which provides the only source of drinking water for a nearby community. The project includes the proposed hauling of approximately 100 thousand shipments of highly radioactive nuclear waste from all across the country to Yucca Mountain. The Department of Energy admits that transport accidents will happen. When the dump is full, because the nuclear industry continues to generate lethal radioactive waste, we'll have nearly as much waste left at sites around the country as we had to begin with.

During his run for office, President Bush had made a campaign promise to designate Yucca Mountain only on the basis of "sound science." We were shocked when the President ignored 293 serious technical concerns exposed by the General Accounting Office and designated the site anyway. By signing the Yucca Mountain resolution, President Bush has put millions of Americans in harm's way.

U.S. PIRG is the national lobby office of the State Public Interest Research Groups. State PIRGs are non-profit, non-partisan public interest advocacy groups.


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