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JULY 15, 2002
3:39 AM
CONTACT:  Green Party of the US
Nancy Allen, Media Coordinator, 207-326-4576,
Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624,
Bush Environmental Policies Are Aggravating A Global Crisis, Warns Greens
Bush, supported by Congress, jeopardizes the health and security of Americans, and instead fulfills campaign promises to corporate contributors
WASHINGTON - July 15 - In the midst of a global ecological crisis that the Bush Administration's own studies have confirmed, the President continues to enact corporate-friendly policies and legislation that aggravate the damage, threaten public health, and compromise national security, charge Greens.

"We Americans place the greatest burden on the environment, through CO2 emissions and overconsumption," said Margaret Lewis, Congressional candidate in NY State's new 20th Congressional District. "It takes 12.2 hectares of land to support each American citizen, while it takes just half a hectare to support someone in Burundi.

"The doubling of human consumption by the developed world in the last three decades, with a growth rate of 1.5% a year, has contributed to both the decimation of the earth's resources and systems as well as the impoverishment of less developed countries and a growing gap between rich and poor within the US," added Lorna Salzman, Green candidate for Congress in New York's 1st Congressional District and a longtime environmental activist on Long Island. "We have total subservience [in Congress and the White House] to corporate interests and to unsustainable levels of consumption. Unless we change direction drastically within the next decade, the entire fabric of the earth's ecosystems -- including fisheries, forests, and freshwater -- will be shredded."

Members of the Green Party of the United States are promoting positive US participation in the Earth Summit, set to take place August 26 to September 4 in Johannesburg, South Africa. But Greens despair that the interests of the American people will be betrayed by the bullying anti-environmental stance of a delegation sent by the Bush White House.

Greens cite a litany of destructive Bush policies and sell-outs to corporate lobbies:

NUCLEAR WASTE DISPOSAL: On July 9, the Senate voted 60 to 39 to override Nevada's objection to the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump, demonstrating the influence of the nuclear lobby over both Democrats and Republicans. In the 2000 election cycle, the nuclear industry gave nearly $14 million to candidates and PACs, with more than 2/3 to Republicans.

"A truck or train accident or terrorist attack would endanger thousands or more and cost millions of dollars to clean up," noted Iowa Green Party gubernatorial candidate Jay Robinson. "On July 9, Democrats once again joined the GOP behind dangerous and regressive environmental policy."

SUPERFUND: The Bush Administration plans to cut funding for the Superfund cleanup of 33 toxic waste sites in 18 states. Eric Schaeffer, a top enforcement official at the EPA, resigned in February, accusing the administration of undermining the agency's crackdown on industrial polluters. Congress has refused to extend taxes on chemical and oil companies to fund the cleanup. Chemical manufacturers such as Dow, DuPont, and BASF contributed over $11 million to political parties in 2000, with over 9 million going to Republicans. Neighborhoods near the sites face health risks from air, soil, and groundwater contamination.

ENERGY PLAN: Over 100 business executives and lobbyists for oil, gas, and coal industries crafted the Bush national energy plan promoting use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy which cause health problems, pollution, and global warming. These companies, including Enron, Chevron Texaco, and Shell Oil, and lobbyists have made over $29 million in campaign contributions to federal candidates since 1999, with 75% of that going to Republicans.

"President Bush has made the Oval Office the Oil Office," said Dr. Jonathan Farley, congressional candidate from Tennessee.

CLIMATE CHANGE: In April 2002, Dr. Robert Watson, an outspoken advocate of change in global energy policies, was removed from his position as chair of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, under pressure from Bush officials acting in response to a memo from ExxonMobil, a major Republican campaign contributor ($1,702,470 since 1999). Global warming is expected to cause drought, raise sea levels, cause unstable weather conditions, and increase the spread of infectious disease.

"When we condemn Bush's withdrawal from Kyoto, let's not forget that Clinton, after signing on, obstructed enactment of the Kyoto accords," said Vivian Houghton, Green candidate for Delaware Attorney General. "The delegation sent by Clinton, under the influence of the same fossil fuel industries now dictating Bush policy, accomplished this during the Hague conference in November, 2000. Bush's withdrawal from the treaty was the next logical step."

CLEAN AIR: In June 2002, EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman announced repeal of part of the Clean Air Act by ending New Source Review for power plants, which requires new plants and older plants which are upgrading to install new pollution technologies. The repeal will exacerbate the spread of asthma (already epidemic among children in cities), cancer, and cardiovascular disease. During the 2000 campaign, electricity, nuclear, mining and petroleum industries gave over $65 million in political contributions, with almost 50 million to Republicans.


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