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APRIL 6, 2001
12:58 PM
CONTACT:  Progressive Caucus
David Sirota at (202) 225-4115
Progressive Caucus Hails Victory of Its Across-The-Board Tax Rebate Concept
Senate passes version of the American People's Dividend rebate plan
WASHINGTON - April 6 - The Congressional Progressive Caucus today hailed the victory of its tax rebate concept today, as the U.S. Senate voted for $85 billion amendment sponsored by Senator Fritz Hollings (D-SC) providing a rebate to all taxpayers. Two months ago, the Progressive Caucus unveiled and $85 billion rebate plan called "The American People's Dividend" that would have given $300 to every man woman and child in America. Last night's Senate amendment modified that concept to provide $500 to every taxpayer in America. Over the last two months, the Caucus has reached out to Republicans and Democrats for support for the idea, most recently gaining the support of the idea from Senators Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and Budget Chairman Pete Domenici (R-NM).

Progressive Caucus Member Rep. Bernie Sanders, one of the principal architects of the plan said, "Two months ago, the Progressive Caucus proposed a $300-per-person tax rebate and today's passage of this concept in the Senate brings us one step closer to making that plan a reality. Our plan was simple, across-the-board and fair. Every taxpayer gets the same amount of tax relief regardless of income. The plan is also fiscally responsible because it does not lock in huge long-term tax cuts for the wealthy that could create major deficits. I am gratified that the Senate passed a version of this concept, and in the coming weeks, I will be working to make sure that it becomes a reality so that all Americans get the immmediate tax relief they deserve."

Progressive Caucus Chairman Dennis Kucinich said, "Unlike President Bush's tax proposal which gives most of the tax benefits to the very few, the Progressive Caucus's proposal is fair because it gives every person equal tax relief . Our plan is simple - everyone, regardless of income, receives the same benefit. I am gratified that the Senate passed a version of our plan and the Progressive Caucus will be working as a cohesive unit to reach out to leaders from all political perspectives who want to see substantial and truly fair tax relief for all Americans."

Progressive Caucus Vice Chair Rep. Barbara Lee said, "I am pleased that our Senate colleagues are following the lead of the Progressive Caucus in sponsoring today's budget amendment to give a much-needed per-person tax rebate. At at time when housing costs are at an all-time high, college remains a far-off dream for many American students, and prescription drugs are too expensive for our seniors, this responsible tax rebate will put money in the hands of the American people quickly to meet their needs, stimulate the economy, and not break the bank like President Bush's plan."


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