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MARCH 19, 2001
10:46 AM
CONTACT:  Bread for the World
Jonathan Lamy 202-639-9400 x227
Leading Anti-Hunger Group To Issue Report On Wednesday Says World Hunger Can Be Cut In Half By 2015, U.S. Foreign Aid Catalyst
WASHINGTON - March 19 - On Wednesday, March 21st, Bread for the World Institute will release its annual report on world hunger, which concludes that for a penny a day per American, the United States can lead an international campaign to cut world hunger in half by the year 2015. Foreign Aid to End Hunger is Bread for the World Institute's 11th annual report on the state of world and U.S. hunger.

The report recommends that Congress and President Bush start with $1 billion a year in additional U.S. aid and debt relief for sub-Saharan Africa, where hunger is most widespread and intractable. This U.S. commitment, the report says, would prompt other industrial nations to provide more aid.

The Institute, a Washington education and research center, is a partner organization of Bread for the World, a nationwide Christian citizens movement against hunger.

In sub-Saharan Africa, 291 million people live on less than $1 a day, and one person in three is chronically undernourished. The region's problems have been exacerbated by civil wars, HIV/AIDS, declining agriculture, huge foreign debts, inadequate education and health care, and a lack of roads and other infrastructure.

To overcome hunger and poverty, the report says, African countries need to improve agriculture and food distribution, build infrastructure, enroll more children in school, empower and educate women, prevent and treat HIV/AIDS and other diseases, and start new businesses and microenterprises. Bread for the World Institute recommends a long-term U.S. aid partnership to help African countries make these investments.

Bread for the World is a 45,000 member Christian citizens' movement against hunger. Founded in 1974, Bread for the World's members lobby Congress and the administration to bring about public policy changes that address the root causes of hunger and poverty in the United States and overseas. Bread for the World is a nonpartisan organization supported by 45 denominations and many theological perspectives. Please visit our Web site at


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