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MARCH 7, 2001
5:18 PM
CONTACT: Billionaires for Unlimited Inheritance
Matthew Borus (Phil T. Rich), 1-877-JOIN-UFE x36
Neil Gorfinkle (Robert Baron), 732-598-8722 (cell)
Billionaires Rally To Support Torricelli, Abolish Estate Tax
WASHINGTON - March 7 - As debate continues over President Bush's tax cut plan, Billionaires for Unlimited Inheritance, a coalition of the mega-rich, will come together Wednesday in Newark to call for the complete abolition of the estate tax.  They will declare their support for Senator Robert Torricelli, who has voted to abolish the tax, and urge him to stand strong against the proponents of "tax fairness" and "justice."

The Billionaires for Unlimited Inheritance will rally WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7, at 12:30 p.m. outside of Senator Torricelli1s Newark office at 1 Riverfront Plaza with songs, speeches, and chants. The rally was postponed from Monday, March 5, as the Billionaires feared snow damage to their furs.

At the Republican  and Democratic conventions this summer, the Billionaires were out in full force, holding a Million Billionaire March to demonstrate their influence over the candidates and show off their fiscal prowess.  They were featured in the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe, BBC, Time Magazine, and several major networks in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Now that the election season is over, the Billionaires are focusing on tax cuts for themselves, particularly the abolition of the estate tax.  "A tax aimed at the top 2% is a tax aimed at us," said co-chair Phil T. Rich."We've paid far too much in campaign contributions to pay these taxes as well!"

"Moreover," added co-chair Robert  Baron, "how can we cultivate a sense of entitlement in our children if we can't promise them massive untaxed inheritances?"

Rich added that eccentrics  like Warren Buffett who recently expressed support for the estate tax are a clear minority.  "Look carefully at who issued that Responsible Wealth statement‹some  of them are piddling small business  people!  We know that Senator Torricelli will support the outrageously rich and end the estate tax."

Representatives of  Billionaires for Unlimited Inheritance are available for interviews. There will be many humorous PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES. More information about the organization is available at the website

Billionaires for Unlimited Inheritance is a non-partisan spoof created by United for a Fair Economy to draw attention to the connection between estate tax repeal and economic inequality.


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